#Blame #Thinking: 2018-11-30

•1 When you make blunders, errors, or mistakes, track down the thinking about thinking that causes them and resist the urge to blame your identity falsely.
•2 When you perform a foolish action, track down your reliance on thinking to do that action and blame that reliance rather than engage in self-esteem bashing.
•3 When things go wrong, look for your part in it by looking for when you tried to know, do, or be something to make it happen instead of engaging in useless ego putdowns.
•4 When things just won’t work out or come together, look for your trying to lead with or follow thought to get them done and blame that process instead of scapegoating your personhood.

•5 When things are getting worse instead of better despite your best efforts, look for your dependence and reliance upon thought instead of Energy to get them done and blame that method instead of attacking your being as some thing that it is not.