This book is designed to stiffen your mind to injuries and insults to the point that you can learn to be psychologically free from them. The wisdom of the Stoics can be understood as, in practice, acquiring a stiff mind, mental attitude, or outlook.

Feeling-Intention Therapy

This book presents the most comprehensive model available for understanding human feelings, intentions, thoughts, and responses. Feeling-Intention Therapy (FIT) will teach you the twelve main factors controlling, influencing, and motivating human behavior.

Carl Rogers, Control Freak

Read Carl Rogers, Control Freak to Discover— Master the best technique in counseling. How To Use the Rogerian Method How To Save the Work of Carl Rogers How To Save Counseling’s Greatest Technique How To Use Roger’s Technique The Work of Carl Rogers: Carl Rogers, Control Freak This book is about the work of Carl Rogers, not the… Continue reading Carl Rogers, Control Freak

Not (Don’t Read This!)

Read Not to Discover— Stop Stepping In It Now! How To Live a Positive Life How To End the #1 Cause of Failure and Error How To Motivate More Efficiently and Effectively How To Stop Doing the Opposite of What You Want to Do How To Practice REBT More Efficiently and Effectively One Simple Change Works Wonders:… Continue reading Not (Don’t Read This!)

How to Govern Anything

Read How To Govern Anything & Discover— Democratic Socialism is real only when using this system. You say you live in a democracy, but at school and work, you live in a dictatorship. Best System of Government Ever Invented for the People Now is the time to experiment with a new system instead of trying… Continue reading How to Govern Anything

World Within: The Inner Life

Read World Within to Discover— So You Thought You Were Smart? How To Understand Duality How To Move Beyond Duality to Triality How To Make Dialectics Work for You How To Use the 5 Thinking Positions for Sanity Live Within Explained: Read World Within This book is about discovering your world within your physical body. Please read it… Continue reading World Within: The Inner Life