#Emotional #Responsibility: 2018-10-19

•1 Responsibility for what you feel, think, and do is an inescapable burden but also an empowering and satisfying reality.
•2 You are the gatekeeper of your heart, soul, and mind, and no matter how intimate you might become with others, they can never choose what can or cannot enter your heart, soul, or mind.
•3 Only you open or close the gate to your heart, soul, and mind to let in garbage or useful furniture, and only you can throw the garbage out and have the furniture repaired.
•4 If anyone but you is the gatekeeper of your heart, soul, or mind, then you are a figment of their imagination, their puppet, or their robot.

•5 Responsibility is satisfying because it proves you are an independent living being with personal powers that provide you with choices and consequences.