Mindfulness Is Either Animalism Or Spiritualism

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How You Practice Mindfulness Is Most Important

Mindfulness: Definition

  • Mindfulness is when your consciousness and awareness are not divided but are focused on one point.

Mindfulness: Animalism

  • Mindfulness of your external world as if it was your entire world is animalism.
  • Mindfulness of your body as if it was your self is animalism.

Mindfulness: Spiritualism

  • Mindfulness of your being as the container of the contents is a spiritual practice.
  • Mindfulness of your heart, soul, and mind as your internal spiritual body is a spiritual practice.
  • Mindfulness of your self as your internal vessel is the beginning of spirituality.

Mindfulness: Practices

  • Mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga can be used for animalism or spiritualism.
  • Mindfulness can also be practiced while doing any activity such that you continually return your consciousness to your self as the host, not the hosted.

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