The 3Ps of Motivation

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Praise Works Wonders for Motivating Self and Others

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“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” —Albert Einstein

“Everybody’s main actions are determined by desires which are anterior to the calculations of pleasures and pains.” —Bertrand Russel, History of Western Philosophy

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” —Confucius

motivation cycle in 6 steps

Motivation Is …

  • Motivation is not a goal. Motivation is not a desire. Motivation is not a wish.
  • Motivation is action towards a goal. Motivation is persistent action towards a goal.

Motivation Comes From …

  • Motivation does not come from feelings, goals, dreams, desires, wishes, wants, or waiting.
  • Motivation comes from effort towards a goal that gets you closer to that goal. Motivation comes from good stress.

“It is a mark of much folly not to have one’s life regulated with regard to some end.” —Aristotle, Eudemian Ethics

3D: Daily Dose of Discernment: 2020

#Meaning #Work: 2020-05-30

1. Meaning without work is not meaningful.

2. If you are not working to progress or expand what you find most meaningful, then you are not happy or satisfied with life.

3. Human meaning requires work to secure that meaning, and the work must be either progressing or expanding the meaning or its purpose.

4. Unless you can do some meaningful work to help realize your chosen meaning for life, then your chosen meaning becomes less and less important.

5. If your life is to have value, then your life has to have meaning; however, if your life is to have meaning, then your life has to provide work that you can perform towards a purposeful goal.

3Ps of Motivation

  1. Praise Goal
  2. Practice Goal
  3. Persist Goal

3Ps of Motivation: Brief Explanation

  1. Goal Praise: desire goal.
  2. Goal Practice: work on goal.
  3. Goal Persistence: stay encouraged.

3Ps of Motivation: Long Explanation

  1. Goal Praise: You must see the goal as good and desirable. You must reinforce the desirability of the goal by persistently praising it: making yourself aware daily of the benefits of achieving the goal.
  2. Goal Practice: You must put effort towards the completion of the goal. You must work and push yourself to work on the goal. Good goal practice is doing something every day towards the completion of the goal.
  3. Goal Persistence: You must overcome obstacles and persist in praising and practicing the goal. You must not give up, quit, give in, get discouraged, let laziness win, surrender to procrastination, believe in low frustration tolerance (LFT), or otherwise self-defeat your goal.