Law of Attraction

You serve it -- you have it.

Law of Attraction, Guided Imagery, & Visualization

  • Garden will teach you an easy and effective system of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT & REBT).

“Your feet will take you where your heart is.” —Irish proverb

“If you can dream it you can do it.” —Tom Fitzgerald (falsely attributed to Walt Disney)

The Law of Attraction Is Visualization

  • The Law of Attraction can be understood as just a new name for the technique of visualization.
  • Visualization is not new, hidden, or secret, but a common practice of religion and healing throughout history.

The Law of Attraction has had many names such as: magic, mind over matter, shamanism, the law of abundant return, the law of affinity, the law of attraction in the thought world, the law of harmonious vibration, the power of positive thinking, the secret knowledge, voodoo, and witchcraft.

Visualization Works for 7 Reasons

  1. When you visualize you might be praying in the right manner.
  2. When you visualize you might accept a problem and so cope better with it.
  3. When you visualize you might accept a problem and so problem-solve it better.
  4. When you visualize you might make commitments to yourself to do something positive for your goals.
  5. When you visualize you might gain confidence and so think, feel, and act better and thereby gain better results.
  6. When you visualize you might refocus your actions from negative goals to positive goals and thereby gain better results.
  7. You might combine some of the behaviors from reasons 1-6 and so have greater results.

Visualization Works But Not Because of Superstitions

  1. You are not superstitiously controlling the universe with your mind.
  2. You are not a god with superpowers whenever you want to use them.
  3. You are not superstitiously co-creating your reality with help from the universe.
  4. You are not a witch, warlock, magician, or a source of any supernatural powers.
  5. You are not more than just a transceiver, that is, you are not a source because God is the only source.
  6. You do not have any ability or power to create anything, because you can only receive and host creative energy.
  7. Human thinking is not magical, powerful, creative, changing, controlling, or a god-like energy transforming or remaking the world.
  8. Human thinking does not even influence anything despite the magical abilities Idealists, Postmodernists, Constructivists, New Agers, primitive societies, and primitive religions claim for human thinking.

2 Basic Objections to Superstitious Interpretations

First: Your thinking is never powerful and never causes anything.

A: You misinterpret your thinking to be powerful because you are only aware of your thinking and not the forces behind or co-occurring with your thinking.
B: You misinterpret your thinking to be causal because you falsely believe your thinking is leading your soul and heart instead of just following your soul.

Second: You are never the source of any cause or power.

A: Your ego gets you to falsely claim that you are causal rather than just a host for causes.
B: Your ego gets you to falsely claim that you are the source of the power that only comes through you. Power does not come through your thoughts but only through your self as a vessel.

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