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30 Sentences to Repeat As Morning Prayers

  • Read for a system to drop your ego in favor of your authentic self.

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I Persistently Practice Preferring the Positive

  1. I compare my self to everyone as equal or the same—NOT as superior or inferior.
  2. I blame and damn my self-esteem thinking styles—NOT my self, others, or life.
  3. I test, try, and prove the spirits (thoughts) whether they are of God or NOT.
  4. I resist all attempts to confuse the description with the described (thought-things).
  5. I replace the knowing-better-than self and others ego payoff (pride) with humility (dependence on God).
  6. I refuse to play or react to the game of shoulds as negative self-esteem (rebel or procrastinate).
  7. I refuse to play or react to the self-esteem game of pride or shame as self (ego-based self).
  8. I resist identifying self as inferior (shame) or superior (pride) to others for any reason.
  9. I steadily switch my identity from my content (comparisons) back to my container.
  10. I flee with identity before giving identity to any comparisons of others (superior or inferior).
  11. I flee with identity whenever I cannot see what I am identifying with because of darkness.
  12. I esteem my self as the vessel and not doings, dones, beens, or bes (knowledge or memory).
  13. I control and switch what I can–my identity and attention—NOT my ego as self.
  14. I fast (bear and detach) from the pain of my ego being exposed to the light.
  15. I fast (keep my identity/seed from everything) until temptation passes.
  16. I fast (keep my identity from anything) until the inner attacks run out.
  17. I fast from trying to control, change, know, do, or be the contents (comparisons).
  18. I fast from trying to know the contents and instead rely on God’s knowing for and in me.
  19. I am the container. I fast (contain identity) from trying to become any contents.
  20. I switch stations not try the impossible: to change, control, or convert stations (thoughts).
  21. I seek pleasure only as the container (true self) and never as the contents (ego).
  22. I control my feelings by controlling what I choose to take to heart (sense with the heart).
  23. I command and demand only in that rare instance when I have full control of the situation.
  24. I pray about my problems, concerns, and desires—NOT worry them, which is negative prayer.
  25. I handle stress by problem-solving (solution-seeking) and coping (accepting) with the unsolved.
  26. I lower the frequency, intensity, and duration of problems (vice versa for solutions) as a victory.
  27. I serve to increase, magnify, and encourage love, forgiveness, mercy, faith, hope, and charity.
  28. I attend to good and simultaneously resist claims to know or be good. I remain dependent on Him.
  29. I give all credit, all praise, and all glory to God alone: the one good. I seek occasions to praise Him.
  30. I seek God’s highest will and understanding and not my or other people’s will at all.