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Remove Is Superior, But Reduce Is More Realistic

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3Rs of Problem-Solving

Recognizing, Removing, and Replacing problems (3Rs) is the best strategy.

  • Sometimes removing is impractical.
  • Sometimes removing is a work in progress.
  • Sometimes the best we can do is to reduce.
  • Sometimes reducing leads to removing.


It is often more encouraging to notice how much you have reduced a problem rather than to focus on removing that problem.

  • It is often more productive to reduce in many areas at once rather than to remove in only one area.
  • For example, if you want to lose weight you can focus on removing all added and artificial sugar from your diet and especially corn syrup.
  • However, if you focus on reducing your intake of junk food, large portions at mealtimes, snacks, and sugar, you will likely have more success in losing weight.


In the same way, focusing on doing the right more can be more productive than focusing on replacing the wrong with the right.

  • You can change bad habits effectively by doing the wrong less and the right more.
  • Often the best choice is to do the bad less and the good more.
  • Yes, some problems need the 3Rs as Recognize, Remove, and Replace because they must be stopped at once.
  • But consider that many more problems are best handled with Recognize, Reduce, and Refocus.
  • Recognize the problem, reduce the problem, and refocus on an alternative activity or a solution.

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Reduce Problems

  • It can be powerful to reduce one habit while increasing its opposite.

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