About It Is Not It

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Thoughts & Feelings Are Not What They Are About

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“About it is not it.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

Note about This Page

This page could start under “Thinking Skills” but it was put under “Responsibility Issues” to emphasize the choice to take and treat thoughts and feelings about something as that something. “About” is treated as a subject and verb on this page.


  • About casts a screen over the world.
  • About is interpretation.
  • About is perspective.
  • About is not the real.
  • About is reductionistic.
  • About is subjective.
  • About limits by limiting focus.


  • Follow out about until you can follow sensing again.
  • Recognize that memory is about, not the real.
  • Use about to locate a part or piece, not to view the whole.


  • Follow sensing, not about.
  • Follow hosting, not about.

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