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Thoughts & Feelings Are Not What They Are About

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“About it is not it.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

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Note about This Page

  • This page could start under “Thinking Skills” but it was put under “Responsibility Issues” to emphasize the choice to take and treat thoughts and feelings about something as that something.
  • “About” is treated as a subject and verb on this page.
  • This page is related to the topics covered in We’re All Insane! Second Edition.


  • About casts a screen over the world.
  • About is interpretation.
  • About is perspective.
  • About is not the real.
  • About is reductionistic.
  • About is subjective.
  • About limits by limiting focus.


  • Follow out about until you can follow sensing again.
  • Recognize that memory is about, not the real.
  • Use about to locate a part or piece, not to view the whole.


  • Follow sensing, not about.
  • Follow hosting, not about.