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What Is Yoga?

4 Second to M-M Heart & Mind into Alignment

What Is Instant Yoga?

  • Discover Breathe to learn how to practice Instant Yoga.

“Use yoga to practice relying on Energy to do and hold poses, not thinking-knowing.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

“Yoga increases alignment, balance, flexibility, openness, and strength.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

What Is Yoga?

Basic yoga is a practice that is designed to relieve stress and mental chatter by training you to move your awareness out of your thinking mind and into your body by learning and practicing physical postures that require concentration and focus.

Yoga works by centering your awareness in your body and thereby freeing your awareness from the stress created by your thinking, judging, comparing, desiring, and non-acceptance.

Advanced yoga requires two steps:

  1. Learning to move your awareness into your body to free your awareness from your self-talk, chatter, or monkey mind.
  2. Learning to move your awareness from your body into your sensing mind in order to return you to your original nature or child mind.

What Is Instant Yoga?

Instant Yoga is the practice of using the technique of Mind-Move (M-M) as it is taught in the book Breathe.

  • You can use M-M for stress relief in the same way as basic Yoga.
  • You can use M-M for moving your awareness back into your sensing mind in the same way as in advanced Yoga.

The difference between Instant Yoga and formal yoga practices is that you can accomplish the same benefits–but in only seconds instead of hours, days, or years.

Yoga practice is still recommended for your physical health and its many other benefits. This author was a meetup.com organizer for 4 years for free yoga in the Portland, OR area.

Relationship of Breath, Posture, & Mind in Yoga

Yoga Breath Posture Mind Diagram

3D: Daily Dose of Discernment: 2020

#Yoga #Prayer: 2020-01-25

1. Quietly fall into your yoga poses.

2. Hold yoga poses until you relax into them.

3. Relax at the center of any stress from any yoga pose while trusting Energy to handle the stress without you.

4. Yoga becomes prayer when you surrender to God to guide your poses and manage your strain and stress.

5. Yoga poses are best done by not doing them or trying to do them; instead, you ask for them to be done through you.

Yoga Class Outline

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  • Discover Breathe to learn how to practice Instant Yoga.