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Recommended Books for FitzMaurice’s 7 Steps

7 Steps to Sanity

Which of Your Books Should I Read? Pick Books for Each Step

  • Books recommended for your step by step progress to reawaken: Top 7 Steps.
  • You can move around the steps and work on any one; however, progress does depend upon doing all the steps.

STEP 1: Discover & Practice Emotional Responsibility

The first step on the path to sanity is emotional responsibility.

  • To begin your understanding of emotional responsibility, read The Secret of Maturity, Third Edition.
  • To advance your understanding of emotional responsibility, read Garden.
  • If you want to focus on your attitude and emotional responsibility, then read Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition.
  • If you are  stuck in drama games as a lifestyle or if your family is stuck in a cycle of dealing with social services or the criminal justice system, then read Garbage RulesThis book is also appropriate for those in early recovery, self-help, and 12-step groups.
  • Professionals who want to advance their counseling skills regarding emotional responsibility should read both Garden and Not.

STEP 2: Upgrade & Practice Coping Skills

Coping and problem solving skills are needed at every stage. We are not born with these skills and few of us have been formally taught them. Therefore it is logical and practical to pursue a more complete understanding of coping skills.

  • Stress for Success, Second Edition will help you to learn how to make stress work for you instead of against you.
  • Breathe will give you easy and simple exercises to instantly calm and center yourself in any situation.
  • Garden will teach you advanced coping skills that you can practice until they become habits.
  • World Within: The Inner Life will teach you about your inner life and how to make it work and keep it working positively and productively.
  • Not addresses the underlying problem why coping and problem solving fail.

STEP 3: Discover & Reduce Ego Time

The third step is to recognize ego as the problem in all things.

  • To begin to understand how ego is your problem, read Ego. This book requires you to be aware of your self-talk (inner dialogue).
  • To become more aware of your self-talk, first read Garden.
  • To support and reinforce the work you learn to practice in Ego read both What’s Your Story? and Journal Journey from Ego.
  • To understand ego in social relationships, read Games Ego Plays.
  • To develop insight into ego and skills in spotting ego, read Ego Playground.

STEP 4: Rediscover & Increase Authentic Self Time

The fourth step is to make contact with and to continue in your original nature.

  • Learn how you are not your self-talk by reading  Ego.
  • Strengthen your understanding of your original nature by reading Self: Who Am I?

STEP 5: Upgrade & Practice Thinking Skills

Thinking skills are needed at every stage. We are not born with these skills and few of us have been formally taught them. Therefore it is logical and practical to pursue a more complete understanding of thinking skills.

STEP 6: Keep on the Path of Less Ego & More Truth

These books support and reinforce your learnings about emotions, ego, and self in various ways.

STEP 7: Improve the World & Improve Your Communication or Counseling Skills

  • Planet Earth: Insane Asylum for the Universe, Second Edition will help you to face and surrender socially accepted insanity.
  • How To Govern Anything is for those who want to discover and practice a saner system of governing any size organization or country.
  • Carl Rogers, Control Freak is for professional counselors interested in applying Carl Rogers’s main technique.
  • Share, Encourage & Support: Please help others to recognize and walk the path of emotional responsibility and ego reduction by recommending our books and practices. Thank you.

Other Languages than English

While not convenient, it is possible to read FitzMaurice’s books in other languages on your Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle (7th Generation or later). For more information, visit Kindle Paperwhite Support.

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