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12 Steps to Recycle Garbage

12 Steps Keep the Shit Going

Get Garbage, Give Garbage, Get Garbage

  • Breathe will teach you how to relax and regain self-control in just 4 seconds.
  • Garbage Rules will help you to recognize and see the absurdity of drama games.

Note on the Original Book Name

The original version of the book Garbage Rules was entitled The Code of Shit. Throughout the book, it used the word “shit” instead of “garbage.”

  • In order not to offend people, the word “shit” was replaced with the word “garbage.”

This made the book more accessible to many; however, it also blunted and diluted the meaning and message of the book.

Below is an example using the word “shit” instead of the word “garbage.”

  • Are you just beginning the process of self-discovery?
  • Then this book is for you: Garbage Rules


  1. I view as shit some memory, event, person, place, or thing.
  2. I dwell on the shit I got with more shit.
  3. I believe shit about the shit I dwell on.
  4. I eat the shit I got as if it was my self.
  5. I feel like shit from eating shit.
  6. I give shit because I got shit.
  7. I get more shit because I gave shit.
  8. Because I got more shit, I dwell on more shit.
  9. Because I dwell on more shit, I take more shit to heart.
  10. Because I own more shit, I feel more like shit.
  11. Because I feel more like shit, I act more like shit.
  12. Because I give more shit, I get more shit.
  • Infinite loop: I foolishly loop back to step 8 for ever more shit.


  1. Dwelling on shit is optional.
  2. Believing shit is optional.
  3. Eating shit is optional.
  4. Feeling like shit is optional.
  5. Acting like shit when I feel like shit is optional.
  6. No one makes me dwell on shit but me.
  7. No one makes me believe shit but me.
  8. No one makes me eat shit but me.
  9. No one makes me feel like shit but me.
  10. No one makes me act like shit but me.
  11. Life and people will always serve me some shit, and I can either use it for fertilizer or add it to my collection of self-as-shit.
  12. Reviewing my collection of self-as-shit will reinforce my shit.
  13. Reviewing my collection of self-as-shit will eventually get me to eat my old shit to feel like shit again thinking “that’s me.”
  14. Dwelling on shit will eventually get me to own, feel, and act like shit. Repetition can break me so I will avoid repeating shit.
  15. Believing shit will get me to collect more shit as self.
  16. Acting like shit for shit will get me more shit not less shit.
  17. Lowering the frequency, intensity, and duration of shit in my heart, soul, mind, body, actions, and relations is my main goal.

Start at the Beginning with Garbage Rules

  • Are you in early recovery from an addiction or drama games?

Then this ebook is for you: Garbage Rules

People Cannot Make You Own Their Stuff: Choose Not To Own It

people cannot control

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