3 Loops to Break

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3 Loops to Break Using Perspective & Integration

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Looping Is Repeating Between 2 Brains

  • 3 Possible Loops

  1. Heart and mammalian brains.
  2. Stomach and lizard brains.
  3. Left and right brains.

Why 3 Loops

  • Loops depend upon direct connections.
  • There are 3 basic loops because there are 3 hardwired connections in the 6 brains.
  1. Heart and mammalian brains have a direct connection.
  2. Stomach and lizard brains have a direct connection.
  3. Left and right brains have a direct connection (corpus callosum).
  • Direct connections provide speed. And the speed makes it seem not like a loop but in the same brain or part of the same event or thing.
  • Both parts of the loop are seen as one. Speed makes it hard to interrupt the loops or to see them as loops.

Left & Right Brains Loop

  • Left and right brains (neocortex) loop between an idea or ideas and an image or images. The ideas are similar or the same. The images are similar or the same.
  • Break the looping by connecting the loop’s ideas and images to other perspectives with other ideas and images.
  • Focus on the main idea or label and the main image or experience of the loop.
  • Hand, feet, and alternate pairs of joints connected to the left and right brains by M-M will resolve this kind of looping. EMDR is also good for this kind of loop. (Looping between names, labels, words, pictures, collages.)

Stomach & Lizard Brains Loop

  • Stomach and lizard brains loop between negative sensations of energy and defensive responses to those sensations.
  • You can break this looping by adding other positive sensations and calm responses.
  • You can also break the loop by adding mild negative sensations instead of strong negative sensations to provide the option of seeing the event as less dangerous or threatening.

Heart & Mammalian Brains Loop

  • Heart and mammalian brain looping is between energy experiences and feelings or sensations about those experiences.
  • Break the looping by connecting other energy experiences and other feelings about those experiences until there is enough connected for focus, attention, awareness, or consciousness to move freely around.
  • Perspective provides freedom of view, and freedom of view is antithetical to looping.

Beyond Perspective Taking

  • Perspective-taking provides the most frequent cure in counseling and therapy.
  • However, deeper and better curing can be done through integration work.
  • Perspective-taking breaks a loop between the left and right brains by connecting the ideas that are in the loop in the left brain to ideas that have a different point of view and by connecting the images that are in the loop in the right brain to images that have a different point of view.
  • Sometimes only one new perspective is provided, but at other times, two or three are given. In point of fact, one can work.
  • In integration work, the loop between the ideas and images in the left and right brains is connected and integrated to all other thoughts, images, and experiences that have any possible relation to the content of the loop.
  • Integration work can be considered a philosophical change, while perspective-taking can be considered as a thinking change or as a style of thinking change.
  • Left and right brains were used here only for example. All 3 types of looping benefit from both perspective-taking and integration work.

Notes: Heart, Soul, & Mind

  1. Heart: the energy of life, heart brain, energy experience.
  2. Soul: sensations of energy, stomach brain, sensations of experience, sensation experience, energy experience as sensations.
  3. Mind: brain, neocortex, verbal and imaginal relations of experience, verbal and imaginal relations, and connections to sensation experiences or other verbal and imaginal connections.

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