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ANYTHING GOES: Alternative Meanings

Anything Goes Leaves Nothing


“Nothing,” “Everything,” & “Anything” from Anything Goes

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  • This page provides alternative meanings for the words “nothing,” “everything,” and “anything” as they are used in the book, Anything Goes.
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From Chapter 2: Sayings

The word “nothing” in this book can have many meanings other than zero: emptiness, empty space, formless energy, God, invisible power, no thing, no things as referents, no thoughts, no thoughts as referents, no thoughts being what they only represent, not thinging, self as space, the creative source, the ineffable, the life force, the nature of being, the positive Eastern void, the way of life. Try considering the word “nothing” as a shortened form of the two words “not thinging”!

The words “everything” and “anything” in this book mainly refer to: conceptualizing, concretizing, ideas, images, labels, making thoughts into reality, names, objectifying, reification, some thought, some thought-thing, terms, thingifying, thought as delusion, thought as illusion, thought pretending to be the real, thoughts as what they represent, thought-things, treating thoughts as things. Try considering the word “something” as a shortened form of the two words “some thought-thing”!

Two reading suggestions. One, you will understand more if you read “nothing” as two words “no thing” or “not thing,” “everything” as two words “every thing” or “every thought-thing,” and “anything” as two words “any thing” or “any thought-thing.” Two, always consider the word “nothing” to be implied even if it is not stated. “Nothing” is the constant counterpoint to “everything” and “anything.” The words “nothing,” “everything,” and “anything” have lost some of their original meaning through repetition and usage. Simply, you will find that “nothing” and “everything” or “anything” often have opposite or contrasting meanings in the sayings. More could be said, but less is often more helpful. Find what you will. Take what you want and leave the rest to leaven.

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