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BREATHE: Table of Contents

Table of Contents for the book BREATHE

Table of Contents for the book BREATHE

  • Garden will teach you an easy and effective system of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
  • REBT practitioners update your practice for greater effectiveness & efficiency with Not.
  • Ego will help you to live sane in an insane world of competing ego-stories.

Notes on this Table of Contents

  • This extensive content list also serves as both an index and an outline for the book.
  • Seeing the actual content list, you will recognize the amount of information and the detail provided that will enable you to not only understand the technique of Mind-Move–but also to apply that knowledge to your life and responses.
  • Use this page for information, reference, and search functions.


Chapter 1


  • Potential Benefits

Chapter 2

Six Brains

  • Three Brains
  • Four Brains
  • Five Brains
  • Six Brains
  • Direct Connections

Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Basic Method

  • M-M Exercise Long Version
  • M-M Exercise Medium Version
  • M-M Exercise Short Version
  • Reminders

Chapter 5

What Works: Integration

Chapter 6

What Fails: Looping

Chapter 7

Motivation for Your Success

Chapter 8

Advanced Methods

  • General Advanced Instructions
  • More M-M Focus Points
  • Measure Your M-M Progress
  • Experiment with M-M
  • Breathing Methods
  • Verbal Methods
    • M-M Single Word Exercise
    • M-M Coping Statement Exercise
    • M-M Hot Hands Exercise
  • Visual Methods
    • M-M Happy Childhood Memory Exercise
    • M-M Positive Outcome Exercise
  • Humming and Counting Method
    • M-M Humming and Counting Exercise
  • Combine Methods

Chapter 9

Mind-Move-Meditation: M-M-M

  • Three Motivational Reasons to Practice M-M-M
  • M-M-M Exercise

Chapter 10

Clinical Methods

  • Memory Release Method
    • Mind-Move-Detach: M-M-D
    • M-M-D Exercise
    • 10 Rules to Make M-M-D Work
  • Memory Transform Method
    • Mind-Move-Transfer: M-M-T
    • M-M-T Diagram
    • M-M-T Exercise
  • Self-Programming Method
    • Mind-Move-Suggestion: M-M-S
    • M-M-S Exercise
  • Pain Relieving Method
    • Mind-Move-Relieve: M-M-R
    • M-M-R Exercise
  • Clinical Investigation

Chapter 11

Reasons for Clientʼs Failure

  • Nine Errors of Execution
  • Four Errors of Intention

Chapter 12


  • Extra
    • Theoretical Musings
    • Levels of Being and Reality
    • Levels of Being and Reality Simplified
  • Suggested Readings
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