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  • Garden will teach you an easy and effective system of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT & REBT).
  • REBT practitioners update your practice for greater effectiveness & efficiency with Not.
  • Ego will help you to live sane in an insane world of competing ego-stories.

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  • Title
    • Carl Rogers, Control Freak
  • Copyright
    • Copyright © 2012 by Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  • ISBN
    • ISBN 978-1-878693-26-6
  • Dedication
  • Description

Rogers Was Skillful

  • Rogers Was Accepting
  • Rogers Was Empathic
  • Rogers Was Intuitive
  • Rogers Was Patient
  • Rogers Was Present
  • Rogers Was Reflective
  • Rogers Was Socratic
  • Rogers Used Silence
  • Rogers Meditated Clients
  • Rogers Increased Cognitive Dissonance
    • 4 Ways Rogers Acted Like a Journalist
  • Rogers Was Controlling
  • Rogers Was Directive
    • 6 Ways Rogers Was Directive
  • Rogers Was Not Genuine
    • 10 Ways Rogers Was Not Genuine
  • Rogers Was Superior
    • 8 Ways Rogers Was Superior

Misinterpretations of Rogerian Method

  • Misinterpreted as Beginning Counseling
  • Misinterpreted as Active Listening
  • Misinterpreted as Questioning

Rogerian Method: Practices

  • Goals for the Rogerian Method
    • 3 Goals for Rogerian Method
  • Disclose the Method
  • Increase Cognitive Dissonance
  • Seek the Inner Conflict
  • Conflict about Conflict
  • Direct Focus to Inner Conflict
  • Redirect Focus to the Conflict
    • Deflect Back
  • Redirect Focus to the Client
  • Stay Present with the Conflict
  • Accept the Conflict as Your Own
  • Mirror the Inner Person
  • Silently Listen to The Client’s Self-talk
  • Trust the Client for Resolution

Rogerian-Method Foils

  • Rogerian-Method Protection
  • Rogerian Method: Not for All Situations
  • Requires Self-Awareness
  • Rogerian Method: Not for…

Conflict Resolution

  • Meta Counseling Theory
    • 8 Suggested Study Groups for CCM
  • Effective Conflict Resolution
    • 29 Ways to Accept or Reject Conflict:
  • Ineffective Conflict Resolution
    • 17 Ways to Mishandle Conflict


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