Digital Rights Management (DRM)

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Our Policy & Opinion Regarding DRM

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a form of copy protection developed for digital materials. It is commonly found on eBooks, music files, and movie files.
  • FitzMaurice Publishers has elected to use DRM on all of its electronic books.
  • If you find or have a copy of one of our books without DRM, then you can be sure it is a pirated and an illegal copy.

The reason we have chosen to support and use DRM is mainly for the integrity of the work. Since what we publish is psychology and philosophy, then changes in the text by readers must be avoided. While minor changes may not affect the meaning in a romance novel, minor changes in wording can greatly affect the meaning in books on psychology and philosophy. Without DRM, it is likely that changes will occur in the material whether by accident or on purpose.

You may have participated in a simple experiment when in grade school. The student in the back corner of the classroom was given a simple one sentence message on a piece of paper. He or she was then to whisper this message to the person next to them. Each classmate was to continue the process until it stopped with the last student in the front of the classroom. The last student was then to report the message to the whole class. As you may remember, the final message had no resemblance to the first message. This happened in spite of the teacher’s directions to be sure and repeat the message without any changes.

DRM Facts & Statements

  • DRM is not perfect protection.
  • DRM protects against the temptation to steal or make changes by making it less convenient to do so.
  • DRM protects against unsophisticated thieves.
  • DRM does not protect against hackers and pirates.
  • You lock your car and house to keep children, wannabe thieves, and opportunists out.
  • You do not lock your car or house to keep professional thieves out.
  • It is the same with DRM.