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EGO: Table of Contents

EGO Table of 10 Chapters

Table of Contents for the book EGO

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  • Ego will help you to live sane in an insane world of competing ego-stories.

Notes for this Table of Contents

  • This extensive content list also serves as both an index and an outline for the book.
  • Seeing the actual content list, you will recognize the amount of information and the detail provided that will enable you to not only understand ego–but also to apply that knowledge to your life and relationships.
  • Use this page for information, reference, and search functions.



  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Description

Chapter 1

Seven Step Plan

  • Step One
  • Step Two
  • Step Three
  • Step Four
  • Step Five
  • Step Six
  • Step Seven

Chapter 2

Step One: Recognize Ego as Main Problem

  • What is Ego?
  • Eastern and Western Ego
  • What are the Features of Ego?
  • What is Meaning for Ego?
  • What is Purpose for Ego?
  • What is the Function of Ego?
  • What are the Benefits of Ego?
  • What are the Results of Ego?
  • What is Self?
  • Eastern and Western Self
  • What are the Features of Self?
  • What is Meaning for Self?
  • What is Purpose for Self?
  • What is the Function of Self?
  • What are the Benefits of Self?
  • What are the Results of Self?

Chapter 3

Step Two: How is Ego Maintained?

  • Self-Talk Maintains Ego
  • What is Self-Talk?
  • Recognize Self-Talk from Thinking
  • Role-Talk Versus Self-Talk
  • Self-Talk Heard and Unheard
  • Self-Talk Maintains Delusions
  • Desire Maintains Self-Talk
  • Three Methods of Desire
  • Imbalance Maintains Desire
  • Law: The Constant Excuse for Self-Talk
    • Law Misuse Example
  • Friends of Self-Talk
  • Self-Talk Interrupts
  • Self-Talk and Intimates
  • Self-Talk Disintegration Based

Chapter 4

Step Three: Remove Self-Talk

  • Conquer Your Enemy
  • Failure to Remove Self-Talk
  • Others Mirror Self-Talk
  • Self-Talk Cannot Exist Without
  • Self-Talk Cannot Coexist With
  • Five Types of Removing
    • Responses to Self-Talk
  • Formal Remove Strategies
    • Remove Self-Talk: Test with 3Ps
    • Remove Self-Talk: Test Results for Help or Hurt
    • Remove Self-Talk: Make Allergic
    • Remove Self-Talk: Challenge with 6Ps
    • Remove Self-Talk: 6 Tests
    • Remove Self-Talk: Stop Self-Damning

Chapter 5

Step Four: Remove Ego

  • Deconstruct Premises of Ego
  • Failure to Remove Ego
  • Remove Ego: 10 Questions, 10 Functions
  • Remove Ego: 24 Reasons
  • Remove Ego: Self is Safe and Secure
    • Five Ego Fears
    • Self is Safe
    • Self is Secure
  • Remove Ego: 35 Challenges
  • Remove Ego: 20 Refutations
  • Remove Ego: Self-Concepts Disputed
  • Building Blocks of Ego

Chapter 6

Step Five: Replace Self-Talk and Ego

  • Two Birds with One Stone
  • Switch Not Change
  • Replace Ego: Replace Claiming
  • Replace Ego: Replace Covering
  • Replace Ego: Replace Knowing
    • Replace Ego: Self ≠ Knowing Behavior
  • Replace Ego: Replace Doing
  • Replace Ego: Replace Becoming
    • Becoming is Public Enemy Number One
    • Quotations Various Sources
  • Replace Ego: Replace Trying
  • Replace Ego: Replace Failing
  • Replace Ego: Replace Being
  • Replace Ego: Replace Monologue
  • Replace Ego: Replace Attachment
    • Replace Ego Example: Detachment Thinking
    • Replace Ego Example: Three-Part Statements
    • Replace Ego Example: Detachment Logic

Chapter 7

Step Six: Replace Supports for Ego with Supports for Self

  • What Are Supports?
  • Supports for Ego
  • 8 Deadly C’s Support Ego
  • Supports for Self
  • Retreat to Support Self
  • Descriptions of the Way of Self

Chapter 8

Step Seven: Action and Relapse Plans

  • Be Your Self
  • 3Rs Action Plan
  • Avert Relapse Plan
  • Recover Relapse Plan
    • Action, Avert, Relapse Plans in PDF

Chapter 9

Advanced Concepts

  • Other-Talk
  • Self-Talk Relational System
  • Self-Talk Wounds
  • Diagram of Self-Talk
  • Right Self-Talk
  • Right and Wrong “I”
  • Right Resistance
  • Self-Talk High and Low Selves
  • Tripartite Nature of Ego
  • 12 Levels of Focus
    • 6 Levels for Increase
    • 6 Levels for Decrease
  • Observer Is the Observed
  • How is Ego Created?
    • 10 Steps of Being Knowing
    • Example 10 Steps of Knowing
  • Source for Self-Talk
    • 8 Possible Sources

Chapter 10


  • Final Thoughts
    • Final List
  • Website Self-Talk Quotations
  • Poem: Reflections
  • References
  • Krishnamurti Links
  • Recommended Readings
  • Book Advertisements
    • How To Read on your Computer or Smartphone
    • How To Stop Failing
    • How To Clean Your Mind
    • How to Achieve Coherence

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