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7 Steps to Take to Sanity

Free Extra Information for Our Books

  • Page of links to additional information for some of our books.
  • Some links are to pages for updates. Some links are to pages of new or additional information.

“I cannot live without books: but fewer will suffice where amusement, and not use, is the only future object.” —Thomas Jefferson

“A book is a bridge between generations and across cultures, a force for creating and sharing knowledge.” —UNESCO

“I have always imagined Paradise as a kind of library.” —Jorge Luis Borges

“Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions.” —Carl Sagan

The Extra Information Is Organized by Book Title

  1. 3D: Daily Dose of Discernment: 2010Table of Contents
  2. Acid Test: Table of Contents
  3. Anything Goes: Alternative Meanings for Nothing, Everything, & Anything
  4. Anything Goes: Table of Contents
  5. Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition: Attitude Power Is Real Power
  6. Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition: New Cycle of Motivation Diagram
  7. Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition: Table of Contents
  8. Breathe: 3 Loops to Break
  9. Breathe: Coherence Is the Goal
  10. Breathe: New Diagram of Looping, Trapped, & Stuck
  11. Breathe: New Technique for Mind-Move Using 5TP
  12. Breathe: New Technique for Mind-Move (ARE)
  13. Breathe: New Technique for Mind-Move (SOP)
  14. Breathe: Relax & Regain Composure in 4 Seconds
  15. Breathe: Supplemental Information
  16. Breathe: Table of Contents
  17. Breathe: Video Demonstration of Mind-Move on YouTube
  18. Carl Rogers, Control Freak: Table of Contents
  19. Discovery Demands 5TP: Heal Relationships
  20. Discovery Demands 5TP: List of Pages on 5TP
  21. Discovery Demands 5TP: Table of Contents
  22. Ego: More Information on Ego Pain & Pleasure
  23. Ego: New Diagram of the Tripartite Nature of Ego
  24. Ego: New Diagram on How Ego Causes Fights
  25. Ego: Plans from the book in PDF format
  26. Ego: Self-Talk Musings
  27. Ego: Table of Contents
  28. Ego: Table on Using 3Rs to End Ego Thinking
  29. Ego Playground: Table of Contents
  30. Games Ego Plays: Article Online about Main Diagram
  31. Games Ego Plays: REBT Diagram of Counseling Game
  32. Games Ego Plays, Revised Edition: Table of Contents
  33. Garbage Rules: 12 Steps Stop Shit
  34. Garbage Rules: How to Recycle Garbage in 12 Steps
  35. Garbage Rules: Shit Happens, Deal with It
  36. Garbage Rules: Strategy of Make Worse to Make Better
  37. Garbage Rules: Table of Contents
  38. Garden: 3Rs (Recognize, Remove, Replace) Tables
  39. Garden: Table of Contents
  40. How to Govern Anything: Extras
  41. How to Govern Anything: How to Change or Save the World
  42. How to Govern Anything: How to Help or Save the Poor
  43. How to Govern Anything: Synopsis
  44. How to Govern Anything: Table of Contents
  45. Journal Journey from Ego: 15 Questions Free Table & PDF
  46. Journal Journey from Ego: Table of Contents
  47. Not: 7 Steps of Suppression: No-ting
  48. Not: 11 Irrational Beliefs of REBT As “Must Not”
  49. Not: No-ting & GAADSAP Emotions
  50. Not: No-ting & The Problem of Knowing
  51. Not: No-ting Thinking Error
  52. Not: Notes on No-ting
  53. Not: REBT’s 4 Issues As System
  54. Not: Table of Contents
  55. Planet Earth: Insane Asylum for the Universe, Second Edition: Table of Contents
  56. Problem Solved! 3Rs: 3Rs (Recognize, Remove & Replace): List of Pages
  57. Problem Solved! 3Rs: First Fix Your Problem with Your Problem
  58. Problem Solved! 3Rs: New Table on Remove Targets
  59. Problem Solved! 3Rs: New Table on Responses to Problems
  60. Problem Solved! 3Rs: Table of Contents
  61. Secret of Maturity, Fourth Edition: 9 Common Superstitions of Therapists
  62. Secret of Maturity, Fourth Edition: Table of Contents
  63. Secret of Maturity, Third Edition: New Diagram of 6 Levels of Maturity
  64. Secret of Maturity, Third Edition: Table of Contents
  65. Self: Who Am I?: New Diagram Model of the Self
  66. Self: Who Am I?: Table of Contents
  67. Something For Nothing: Alternative Meanings for Nothing & Something
  68. Something For Nothing: Table of Contents
  69. Stress for Success, Second Edition: 5 Attitudes About Stress: New Table
  70. Stress for Success, Second Edition: 5 Kinds of Stress: New Table
  71. Stress for Success, Second Edition: Desire Is an Energy Imbalance
  72. Stress for Success, Second Edition: Table of Contents
  73. The Story of Life: Table of Contents
  74. We’re All Insane! Second Edition: New Diagram of 12 Levels of Existence
  75. We’re All Insane! Second Edition: Table of Contents
  76. What’s Your Story?: Table of Contents
  77. World Within: The Inner Life: New Diagram of Triality
  78. World Within: The Inner Life: Table of Contents

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