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7 Steps to Take to Sanity

Free Extra Information for Our Books

  • Page of links to additional information for some of our books.
  • Some links are to pages for updates. Some links are to pages of new or additional information.

“A book is a bridge between generations and across cultures, a force for creating and sharing knowledge.” —UNESCO

“I cannot live without books: but fewer will suffice where amusement, and not use, is the only future object.” —Thomas Jefferson

“I have always imagined Paradise as a kind of library.” —Jorge Luis Borges

“One sheds one’s sicknesses in books—repeats and presents again one’s emotions, to be master of them.” —D. H. Lawrence

“Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions.” —Carl Sagan

The Extra Information Is Organized by Book Title

  1. 3D: Daily Dose of Discernment: ALL YEARSTable of Contents
  2. Acid Test: Table of Contents
  3. Anything Goes: Alternative Meanings for Nothing, Everything, & Anything
  4. Anything Goes: Table of Contents
  5. Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition: Attitude Power Is Real Power
  6. Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition: New Cycle of Motivation Diagram
  7. Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition: Table of Contents
  8. Breathe: 3 Loops to Break
  9. Breathe: Coherence Is the Goal
  10. Breathe: New Diagram of Looping, Trapped, & Stuck
  11. Breathe: New Technique for Mind-Move Using 5TP
  12. Breathe: New Technique for Mind-Move (ARE)
  13. Breathe: New Technique for Mind-Move (SOP)
  14. Breathe: Relax & Regain Composure in 4 Seconds
  15. Breathe: Supplemental Information
  16. Breathe: Table of Contents
  17. Breathe: Video Demonstration of Mind-Move on YouTube
  18. Carl Rogers, Control Freak: Rogers’s Technique with Full Disclosure
  19. Carl Rogers, Control Freak: Table of Contents
  20. Discovery Demands 5TP: Disputing Thinking Using the Five Thinking Positions (5TP)
  21. Discovery Demands 5TP: Heal Relationships
  22. Discovery Demands 5TP: List of Pages on 5TP
  23. Discovery Demands 5TP: New Star Diagram
  24. Discovery Demands 5TP: Table of Contents
  25. Ego: More Information on Ego Pain & Pleasure
  26. Ego: New Diagram of the Tripartite Nature of Ego
  27. Ego: New Diagram on How Ego Causes Fights
  28. Ego: Plans from the book in PDF format
  29. Ego: Self-Talk Musings
  30. Ego: Table of Contents
  31. Ego: Table on Using 3Rs to End Ego Thinking
  32. Ego Playground: Table of Contents
  33. Games Ego Plays: Article Online about Main Diagram
  34. Games Ego Plays: REBT Diagram of Counseling Game
  35. Games Ego Plays, Revised Edition: Table of Contents
  36. Garbage Rules: 12 Steps Stop Shit
  37. Garbage Rules: How to Recycle Garbage in 12 Steps
  38. Garbage Rules: Shit Happens, Deal with It
  39. Garbage Rules: Strategy of Make Worse to Make Better
  40. Garbage Rules: Table of Contents
  41. Garden: 3Rs (Recognize, Remove, Replace) Tables
  42. Garden: Table of Contents
  43. How to Govern Anything: Extras
  44. How to Govern Anything: How to Change or Save the World
  45. How to Govern Anything: How to Help or Save the Poor
  46. How to Govern Anything: Synopsis
  47. How to Govern Anything: Table of Contents
  48. Journal Journey from Ego: 15 Questions Free Table & PDF
  49. Journal Journey from Ego: Table of Contents
  50. Not: 7 Steps of Suppression: No-ting
  51. Not: 11 Irrational Beliefs of REBT As “Must Not”
  52. Not: No-ting & GAADSAP Emotions
  53. Not: No-ting & The Problem of Knowing
  54. Not: No-ting Thinking Error
  55. Not: Notes on No-ting
  56. Not: REBT’s 4 Issues As System
  57. Not: Table of Contents
  58. Planet Earth: Insane Asylum for the Universe, Second Edition: Table of Contents
  59. Problem Solved! 3Rs: 3Rs (Recognize, Remove & Replace): List of Pages
  60. Problem Solved! 3Rs: First Fix Your Problem with Your Problem
  61. Problem Solved! 3Rs: New Table on Remove Targets
  62. Problem Solved! 3Rs: New Table on Responses to Problems
  63. Problem Solved! 3Rs: Table of Contents
  64. Secret of Maturity, Fourth Edition: 9 Common Superstitions of Therapists
  65. Secret of Maturity, Fourth Edition: Table of Contents
  66. Secret of Maturity, Third Edition: New Diagram of 6 Levels of Maturity
  67. Secret of Maturity, Third Edition: Table of Contents
  68. Self: Who Am I?: New Diagram Model of the Self
  69. Self: Who Am I?: Table of Contents
  70. Something For Nothing: Alternative Meanings for Nothing & Something
  71. Something For Nothing: Table of Contents
  72. Stiffer: Stoic Mind: Handouts from the Book in PDF Format for Downloading
  73. Stiffer: Stoic Mind: Handouts from the Book in PGN Format for Viewing
  74. Stiffer: Stoic Mind: Quotations on Stoicism from Stoics
  75. Stiffer: Stoic Mind: Table of Contents
  76. Stress for Success, Second Edition: 5 Attitudes About Stress: New Table
  77. Stress for Success, Second Edition: 5 Kinds of Stress: New Table
  78. Stress for Success, Second Edition: Desire Is an Energy Imbalance
  79. Stress for Success, Second Edition: Table of Contents
  80. The Story of Life: Table of Contents
  81. We’re All Insane! Second Edition: New Diagram of 12 Levels of Existence
  82. We’re All Insane! Second Edition: Table of Contents
  83. What’s Your Story?: Table of Contents
  84. World Within: The Inner Life: New Diagram of Triality
  85. World Within: The Inner Life: Table of Contents

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