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Contents of the book Garden (Garden Your Mind)

  • Garden for all the tools you need to garden your mind.

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Contents by Chapter

Chapter 1


  • Mind
  • Mind as Garden
  • What is a Garden?

Chapter 2

Recognize Two Things

  • Plants
  • Weeds
  • Challenge

Chapter 3

Positive versus Negative

  • Negative
  • Positive
  • Absolute
  • Both And

Chapter 4

Remove Weeds: Weeding

  • Disadvantages of Weeds
  • Avoid and Discourage Weeds

Chapter 5

Replace with Plants: Planting

  • Advantages of Plants
  • Find and Nurture Plants

Chapter 6

3Rs and Gardening

1R. Recognize

  • Recognize Example: WWBADD Weeds
  • Recognize Example: The Four Covering Methods
  • Recognize Example: 9 Detection Methods for Weeds
  • Recognize Example: Weeds to Uproot from AA
  • Recognize Example: Self-defeating Thinking

2R. Remove

  • Example Remove: 3Ps
  • Example Remove: Help or Hurt
  • Example Remove: Make Allergic
  • Example Remove: 6Ps
  • Example Remove: 6 Tests
  • Example Remove: Stop Self-Damning

3R. Replace

  • Replace Example: Replace REBT’s irrational beliefs (iBs) with REBT type rational beliefs (rBs)
  • Replace Example: Detachment Coping Statements
  • Replace Example: Three Part Self-Talk
  • Replace Example: Replace in Three Stages—Rehearsal, Safe Practice, Risk Taking
  • Replace Example: Detachment Reasoning
  • Replace Example: Plants to Promote from AA
  • Replace Example: Replace Self-Defeating Thinking with Effective Thinking

4R. Repetition

Chapter 7

3Rs Examples

  • 3Rs Example: Three Steps
  • 3Rs Example: Six Steps
  • 3Rs Example: 5Qs
  • 3Rs Habit Change Table
  • 3Rs and Channel Switching Table

Chapter 8

3Rs Meta-theory

Chapter 9

Garden Inventory

  • Compost
  • Suffer Well
  • Garden Your Own Mind

Chapter 10

General Garden Advice

Chapter 11

Under versus Trying

Chapter 12


  • End Notes
  • Scripture on Gardening
    • Conscious and Unconscious
    • Results
    • Plant
    • Garden
  • Suggested Readings
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GARDEN Table of 12 Chapters

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