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Heal with Combination of M-M & 5TP

10 Benefits from Practicing Mind-Move

Use Mind-Move with 5 Thinking Positions (5TP): M-M & 5TP

Note on Page: Disclaimer

  • This page contains an advanced method that requires personal responsibility, insight, self-awareness, and the ability to bear psychological discomfort.
  • You are advised to consult with your doctor or any treating health practitioner before attempting to use the information on this page.
  • The responsibility for the use of this technique, and any and all techniques presented on this website, rests solely on the person who uses it and not with the publisher, writer, website host, or owner of this website. This information is provided for insight only.

Step One: Engage Calm Mind Using M-M

  • Learn the Mind-Move (M-M) practice to trigger your calm mind.
  1. M-M is moving your mind (attention, consciousness, focus) to your stomach, heart, left hand, right hand, and back again. This gets all 6 of your biological brains communicating and stops looping.
  2. You breathe into your stomach, out your heart, into your left hand, and out your right hand.

Step Two: Use Your Calm Mind to Choose One Problem to Drop

  • Use the 5 Thinking Positions (5TP) to choose someplace for your conflict to agree to land.
  1. We humans often have payoffs and rewards for maintaining our problems. For example, you might need to keep a problem in order to use it as your excuse for revenge or to keep your victim identity so that you can blame others for your misery. Problems or issues of this kind should first be dealt with by discussing and exploring them with an advisor or a professional counselor. Any problem your identity is wrapped up in will usually require professional help to let go of it.
  2. Nothing can overcome your intention, not even hypnotism. There is no magic, medication, method, relationship, or technique that will work if you intend for it to fail.
  3. You must intend to solve and surrender a problem or no one, and nothing can help you to end your problem. Choose to intend to end your problem.
  4. You must pick one problem or issue that right now you are certain you want to drop, something you are sick and tired of being sick and tired about. Choose to intend to end your problem.

Step Three: Use Your Calm Mind to Choose a New Option for Both Sides

  • Use the 5 Thinking Positions (5TP) to choose someplace for your conflict to agree to land.
  1. Problems and issues can be understood as a conflict of opposite desires, wants, wishes, or drives. Often, this conflict can be understood as the should-be versus the should-not-be.
  2. Problems remain problems because you cannot honestly or with integrity force one side to agree with its opposite for very long without creating an absurd and perverted mishmash of the two.
  3. You must create, develop, or find a position that both sides can agree upon. The 5TP make this an easy process. You place the competing drives at the ends of the 5TP, and you fill in the middle with three possible resolutions or points of agreement. You then pick the new option that feels best or right as the one for both sides to accept, agree to, and commit to. This is your emotional solution.
  4. The middle position of the 5TP is a blend of the two extremes or opposites (half and half, lukewarm).
  5. The left and right middle positions favor the end position they are closest to, but these middle positions also incorporate some of the opposite point of view or the other end of the 5TP. So instead of one-way-or-the-other opposites, you get to choose mostly-this-way or mostly-that-way.

Step Four: Use Your Calm Mind to Center Both Sides on Your New Option

  • Use the Mind-Move (M-M) technique to align, center, and harmonize both sides of the problem onto your solution or new feeling and understanding of reality as being mostly-this or mostly-that.
  1. You do this until you no longer feel any distress or pressure when you think of the problem.
  2. If the problem returns as distress in the future, you can perform this same M-M process to almost instantly regain your new found acceptance, balance, and emotional peace with the problem.
  3. Practice the M-M part of your Healing Solution for 28 days in a row to establish it as your new habit, feeling, and outlook. Reinforce your solution position with new experiences, feelings, and insights.

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