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Synopsis of the book, “How To Govern Anything”

“The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.” —Albert Einstein

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” —Buckminster Fuller

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” —Dan Millman

“Somebody has to go sit in the British Museum again like Marx and figure out a new system; a new blueprint. Another century has gone, technology has changed everything completely, so it’s time for a new utopian system.” —Allen Ginsberg

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” —Winston S. Churchill (quoting someone else)

How To Quickly Rate & Understand Different Systems of Government

  • The essential factor for rating and understanding different forms of human-systems of government is to ask how many people affect decisions by sending their wishes upstream.
  • You can then ask how many higher levels can the lower levels of social input effect in any tangible ways.
  • It turns out that Democratic systems allow more influence by the people than do Socialistic systems, which allow more influence by the people than do Communistic systems.
  • The Ocean Government system allows for the highest possible influence by the people on decisions at all levels of government. No other system comes close.
  • If you care about people influencing government instead of corporations, entrenched bureaucracies, special-interest groups, millionaire and professional politicians, billionaires, and other elites, then experiment with the Ocean Government system.
  • People gain fame and fortune from focusing on social-problems more often than from focusing on social-solutions.
  • It is challenging to get people to experiment with a new solution because people are too busy profiting from dealing with current problems. Act different.

What Does Not Exist in Ocean Government Systems

There are no politicians. There is no profession of politician. There are no political leaders. There are no political parties. There are no lobbyists. There are no elected officials in office. There are no terms of office. There are no campaigns for elections. There are no corporate donations to candidates. There is no political advertising. There is no political fundraising.

Unique Hierarchy of Ocean Government Systems

The Ocean Government System is a hierarchical system that differs from every known form of hierarchical systems in that all positions along the hierarchy are designed to be easily and quickly replaced and changed by the lower levels. The hierarchy also differs in the length of time any one person is in any position on the hierarchy. In as little as one day, positions can change all over the hierarchy.

Positions Not Owned in the Ocean Government System

There is no ownership of any position or office on the hierarchy. There is no guaranteed amount of time to have any position on the hierarchy. There is no allowance for privilege to hold any place on the hierarchy. Rather, the most efficient and effective leaders and representatives move up the hierarchy in a fluid and rapid manner. The system accounts for movement among the levels so that all levels are filled even though all levels might be in a constant state of flux.

Free Flow of Ideas in Ocean Government Systems

Ideas move up and down the hierarchy in the same rapid fashion as can and do the members of the organization. For example, someone with a superior way to organize and develop solar energy might rise to the very top of the hierarchy in order to implement that idea. However, once that idea has become a reality and an everyday process, this leader of solar energy methods will be replaced on the top by someone else focusing, for example, on the best way to recycle and replace plastics.

Neural Networks of Ocean Government Systems

The Ocean Government System functions in a fashion similar to a network of neurons. Information is received and passed along at a rapid pace for processing and development. Nodes of neurons become important based on usage. Pathways for neurons are developed based on the repetition of need. Some functions become routine and habit, so are relegated to lower or automatic processing systems.

Order, Change, & Creativity in Ocean Government Systems

One purpose is to have order, change, and creativity all at the same time. Order comes from people being in charge of a function. Change comes from people easily and rapidly being replaced from positions of authority and power that control a function. Creativity comes from the free flow of ideas in all directions within the system. Creativity is encouraged by promoting in the hierarchy those with ideas that need to be implemented to benefit the whole system and its society. Creativity is encouraged by moving down in the hierarchy the caretakers for ideas that have become formal parts of the system and therefore require little time and attention of the government.

Unique Democratic System: Ocean Government System

It is a democratic system. But there are never secret ballots or votes. All voting is open and is required to be made public and accessible. Neither a simple majority nor a consensus is needed. Rather, a substantial majority is required such as a two-thirds majority. The hierarchy is run by open democratic voting. Every adult is a member of the government system and has voting privileges, rights, and responsibilities.

A person can function on more than one level of the government hierarchy at a time within set limits. As someone moves up the hierarchy someone else moves down the hierarchy; however, since a person can function at more than one level of a hierarchy at a time, a move down in one area of service does not preclude a simultaneous move up in another area of service. In fact, a move down in one stream of the hierarchy may facilitate a move up in another stream.

“Anarchy is not a solution because successful anarchy is a return to rule by gangs and tribes.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

  • For more information on the Ocean Government system, click here.

Table Summarizing Advantages of the Ocean Government System

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  3. HOW TO GOVERN ANYTHING: How to Change or Save the World
  4. HOW TO GOVERN ANYTHING: How to Help or Save the Poor

Book cover How To Govern Anything