Nobody Speaks: Detach from Somebodies

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Learn to Deatch from Somebodies

Use for the book Nobody Speaks

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  • Ego will help you to live sane in an insane world of competing ego stories.
  • Stiffer: Stoic Mind will teach you the STPHFR system to Gain a Stoic Mind.

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Somebodies Are—

  • Not me.
  • Not rational.
  • Not logical.
  • Not effective.
  • Not realistic.
  • Not practical.
  • Not factual.
  • Not mine.
  • Not important.
  • Not part of me.
  • Not owned by me.
  • Not my body, life, or self.
  • Not dangerous except when owned.
  • Not painful except when owned.
  • Not needed for anything good.
  • Not responsible or accountable.
  • Not worthy of compassion or pity.

Begone Somebodies

  • Somebodies cannot help me.
  • Somebodies do not work for me.
  • Somebodies are not me, not my body, not my life.
  • Somebodies are not important.
  • Somebodies do not own me.
  • Somebodies are not owned by me.

Somebodies Are Unimportant

  • The hurt of somebodies is no concern of mine.
  • The hunger of somebodies is no concern of mine.
  • The needs of somebodies are no concern of mine.
  • The desperation of somebodies is no concern of mine.
  • There is no salvation for somebodies.
  • There is no help for somebodies.

12 Ways to Deatch from Somebodies

  • To detach is to not identify with, attach to, or make important.
  • Detach by believing and repeating the ones that you understand.
  • Copy, print, and post to remind yourself to repeat several times a day.
  • The goal is to be free of somebodies about you, others, and God.


12 Ways to Detach from Being Somebodies