NOT: No-ting & Claiming to Know

Book Cover "Don't Read This"

Seeing the Connection Between No-ting & Knowing

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No-ting is the subject of the book Not a.k.a. Don’t Read This!

  • This page provides the sequence of steps that involve the problem of no-ting with the problem of knowing.

Stages or Sequence of Psychological Problems

  1. GAADSAP is caused by no-ting much of the time.
  2. No-ting is caused by claims to know some negative (negative knowing).
  3. Negative knowing is caused by the desires of the ego, pride, and self-esteem.
  4. Ego, pride, and self-esteem are caused by the desire to know.
  5. The desire to know is caused by wanting to appear as a god knowing good and evil.
  6. Knowing is caused by giving your identity to some apple, to some knowledge from the tree of knowledge. You literally eat it with your identity a.k.a. self-consciousness.

Accident, Error, Mistake: 3 Step Process

1. Negative knowing of something.

2. Negative Knowing of previous negative knowing followed by suppressing it (covering it with darkness).

3. Negative knowing of the suppression just done with suppression of it too.

Each of these three steps can be understood as no-ting.

Book Devoted to Overcoming No-ting Error

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