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Reading Level for Our Books

7 Steps to Take to Sanity

Our Books & Their Reading Level

  • The tables are organized alphabetically.
  • We have stopped putting in a table for every book because the tables are all the same except for the name of the book and the location of the “X” marking the reading level.

Reading Level: 3D: Daily Dose of Discernment: 2011 (All Years Are the Same)

Reading level for "3D: Daily Dose of Discernment" All years

Reading Level: Acid Test

Reading level for "Acid Test"

Reading Level: Anything Goes

Reading level for "Anything Goes"

Reading Level: Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition

Reading level for "Attitude Is All You Need!"

Reading Level: Beyond Thought and Feeling (not available yet)

Reading level for "Beyond Thought and Feeling"

Reading Level: Breathe (Breathe Your Mind)

Reading level for "Breathe Your Mind"

Reading Level: Carl Rogers, Control Freak

Reading level for "Carl Rogers, Control Freak"

Reading Level: Discovery Demands 5TP

Reading level for "Discovery Demands 5TP"

Reading Level: Ego (Mind Your Ego)

Reading level for "Mind Your Ego"

Reading Level: Ego Playground

Reading level for "Ego Playground"

Reading Level: Feeling-Intention Therapy

  • Level 3: Challenge

Reading Level: Games Ego Plays

Reading level for "Games Ego Plays"

Reading Level: Garbage Rules

Reading level for "Garbage Rules"

Reading Level: Garden (Garden Your Mind)

Reading level for "Garden Your Mind"

Reading Level: How To Govern Anything

Reading level for "How to Govern Anything"

Reading Level: Journal Journey from Ego

Reading level for "Journal Journey from Ego"

Reading Level: Nobody Speaks

Varies from easy (1) all the way up to hard (5).

Reading Level: Not (Don’t Read This!)

Reading level for "Don't Read This!"

Reading Level: Planet Earth: Insane Asylum for the Universe, Second Edition

Reading level for "Planet Earth: Insane Asylum"

Reading Level: Problem Solved! 3Rs

Reading level for "Problem Solved! 3Rs"

Reading Level: Secret of Maturity, Fourth Edition

Reading level for "Secret of Maturity"

Reading Level: Self: Who Am I?

Reading level for "Self: Whom Am I?"

Reading Level: Something For Nothing

Reading level for "Something for Nothing"

Reading Level: Spiritual Surrender’s Seven Steps

  • Level 3: Challenge

Reading Level: Stiffer: Stoic Mind

  • Level 4: Difficult

Reading Level: Stress for Success, Second Edition

Reading level for "Stress for Success"

Reading Level: The Story of Life

The reading level for "The Story of Life"

Reading Level: We’re All Insane! Second Edition

Reading level for "We're All Insane!"

Reading Level: What’s Your Story?

Reading level for "What's Your Story?"

Reading Level: World Within: The Inner Life

Reading for "World Within"

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