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STIFFER: 17 Handouts in PDF Format for Downloading

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  • This page is for anyone who has purchased and read the book Stiffer.
  • These pdf files are of documents and memes from the book Stiffer.
  • This page is a convenience service for those who understand the contents of the book Stiffer: Stoic Mind.

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  • The handouts are from Sitffer and are for understanding and practicing STPHFR mapmaking.
  • Occasionally reading the handouts will assist you in making better use of the STPHFR paradigm.
  • Feel free to post the handouts at home, at your office, and to share them with family and friends. Having a STPHFR poster on your bureau, desk, or wall will facilitate your learning and applying the STPHFR paradigm. It even might encourage others to experiment with it.
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17 Handouts Organized Alphabetically by Title

The titles are from the documents, not from the table of contents in the book. Additionally, the order is different from the order in which they occur in Stiffer.

  1. 3Rs Problem-Solving Method
  2. 5 Thinking Positions (5TP) for Perspective Taking
  3. 5 Thinking Position Word Choice Examples for Each Position
  4. 5Fs of the Survival Instinct: 5 Responses Based on Fear
  5. 6 Facts: Your Relationship with STPHFRs
  6. 7 Thinking Errors: Aaron Beck & CT
  7. 8 Thinking Skills for Switching Thoughts
  8. 11 Irrational Beliefs Challenged by REBT
  9. 13 Common Feeling Superstitions
  10. ACPD Thinking Errors & STPHFR
  11. FIDOC: What Demands & Grabs Your Attention?
  12. Healthy & Mild Feelings—Unhealthy Feelings
  13. S-T-P-H-F-R 6 Steps of Feeling and Behaving (Infographic)
  14. STPHFR 5 Intervention & Choice Points
  15. STPHFR: 6 Steps of Feeling & Behaving
  16. STPHFER Worksheet Mapmaking & Using 3Rs
  17. STPHFR Worksheet with Complete Map & Example 3Rs

  • More information on Stiffer: Stoic Mind.
  • These same 17 documents are available for online viewing here in scalable-png format.