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Table: Ego Maintained by Thinking

7 Step Plan to Reduce Ego

Free New Table on How to Uproot Ego

  • Breathe to learn Mind-Move to Quickly Regain Your Center.

About this Page

  • This page contains a new table for use in uprooting ego based upon the book Ego.

3Rs Switch to Flow

Questions About 3Rs, Thinking & Authentic Self

  • Will viewing thinking as a block to “being” help you to become aware of the futility of your mental noise?
  • How much thinking is needed and how much is just distracting noise?
  • Does thinking mainly improve your life or mainly detract from your life?
  • Is your thinking in the way of your experiencing?
  • Is your thinking in the way of your consciousness of self?
  • How can you balance your need for thinking with your need to be alive?
  • What will happen if you recognize, remove, and replace most of your thinking as just interfering?
  • Will disputing the utility of your thinking help you to regain your authentic self?

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