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Unpublished Books

Book cover for "Planet Earth: Insane Asylum for the Universe"

Book Titles & Manuscripts that Remain Unpublished

Notes on Unpublished Titles

  • The titles listed below have never been published.
  • Additionally, two large manuscripts were destroyed. One manuscript was destroyed by an angry person and one was destroyed by the choice of the author. Both of the destroyed manuscripts were created during the 1970s and consisted of hundreds of pages.
  • Another manuscript along with some other writings was lost when the author’s Lisa computer crashed the day before it was to be turned in for an exchange offer from Apple.
  • Other manuscripts exist, but they are only in rudimentary stages.
  • There are also many thousands of pages of handwritten notes that are beginning to fade.
  • There are also notes on cassette tapes that have never been transcribed.

List of Unpublished Manuscripts

  • FitzMaurice, Kevin Everett. Correcting and Changing Thinking. PalmTree Publishers, Omaha, NE. 1995.
  • FitzMaurice, Kevin Everett. The Devil’s Dictionary on Women. Manuscript destroyed by a computer crash. 1980s.
  • FitzMaurice, Kevin Everett. The Tao Teh Ching Paraphrased. Manuscript destroyed by a computer crash. 1980s.
  • FitzMaurice, Kevin Everett. Synthesis of Philosophy, Religion, & Science. Manuscript destroyed by FitzMaurice. 1970s.
  • FitzMaurice, Kevin Everett. Rambling Insights. Manuscript destroyed by a jealous husband. 1970s.
  • FitzMaurice, Kevin Everett. Buddha Returns. Manuscript purposely left in the bushes at UC Berkeley. 1970s.