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Quotations from the Author on Feminism

Feminism & Women’s Movement is a collection of quotations and insights about human rights and living sanely.

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.

“Happiness does not come from having much but from being attached to little.” —Master Cheng Yen

“When man’s attachments are deep, then divine endowments are shallow.” —Chung Tzu

Transgenderism & 8 Delusions

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Feminism & Women’s Movement

  1. “A feminist is someone who spends hours putting on her disguises and costumes so men will look at her and then complains at work when men look at her.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  2. “At its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. It basically gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel armored in false virtue.” —Elon Musk, Babylonbee.com December 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvGnw1sHh9M
  3. “Better for a woman to invest her life in her children than in any company.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  4. “Better for a woman to invest her life in her children than in any other career.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  5. “Better for a woman to put her life into her children than into her company.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  6. “Children are more important than careers, companies, corporations, and governments, which at best only exist to serve children; therefore, it is a higher calling to be a mother than it is to be a corporate slave.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  7. “End your biases and prejudices against white men and conservatives before asking others to end their biases and prejudices.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  8. “Feminism is about putting profit before people, so women remain free of children and family to die regretful lives as corporate slaves.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  9. “Feminism is the theory that men are responsible adults who create and control society, and women are irresponsible children who need protection and rescuing from adult men.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  10. “Feminist freedom is the freedom to be a corporate slave. A woman stays single and childless so that she can give her life for nothing but empty and meaningless corporate praises and rewards until she is used up and dumped to die a lonely and regretful death.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  11. “Feminist ‘my choice’ denies and discounts the choice of the baby to live when even insects fight to live.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  12. “Feminists are negative, unhappy, and hell-bent on destruction.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  13. “Feminists care more about the choices of animals than babies.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  14. “Feminists care more about the rights of animals than babies.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  15. “Feminists care more about the treatment of animals than babies.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  16. “Feminists cry for equal pay but never for equal hazards, health risks, and dangers on the job that men face and suffer and die from to maintain society.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  17. “Homosexuality is a betrayal of the natural nature of your self.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  18. “Homosexuality is an expression of narcissism and self-love.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  19. “Homosexuality is commonly caused by seeking love for self, love for the same sex parent, or love from the same sex parent.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  20. “‘How do you write women so well in your books?’ ‘I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.’” —Jack Nicholson, As Good as it Gets (movie)
  21. “How much of the USA economy caters to the comforts, conveniences, and cravings of women and how much to men?” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  22. “If men and women are equal, does that mean men cannot rape women without a weapon? If so, most claims of rape are lies because women and men are equal without weapons? So sad when you cannot have things both ways.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  23. “If you can claim that it is unethical to help a homosexual to become a heterosexual, then it is also unethical to help a heterosexual to become a homosexual.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  24. “If you can claim that you are born as a woman in a man’s body, then you can also claim that you are born as a man in a man’s body.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  25. “If you want to remain a child, just refuse responsibility and blame the nearest adult man; however, you cannot have equal rights without equal responsibilities. The best gift a woman can give herself is to learn and practice emotional responsibility: maturity.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  26. “If women do not appear as sex objects, it is rarely from a lack of trying.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  27. “Me too am helpless against the big bad wolf.” —Women As Children Movement (WACM)
  28. “Men are adults, and women are children because men are required to take responsibility for the choices of both men and women.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  29. “Men are responsible for women’s attitudes, behaviors, capabilities, careers, choices, comforts, conveniences, crimes, education, feelings, happiness, health, income, interests, productivity, reactions, responses, safety, security, sexual responses, status, reliability, and time-management.” —Women As Children Movement (WACM)
  30. “Misogyny is Feminism telling women to want to be like men, not women.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  31. “Modern women want traditional men without being traditional women.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  32. “No feminists are pushing for the equality of the genders on a sinking ship.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  33. “People are proving women don’t belong in the workplace by claiming that women cannot protect and defend themselves as men do but must be rescued like children from dangers they cannot handle.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  34. “Raising good children is more valuable socially and spiritually than slaving at a career or company.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  35. “The most brainwashed, conditioned, and programmed people in the history of the world are women in college today. It is brilliant for men to avoid them like the plague. It has nothing to do with intelligence or ability and everything to do with narcissistic, irrational, and demanding women.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  36. “The most important purpose and reason for the existence of society has always been to create and protect the home, which is dominated by the matriarchy.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  37. “The only choice women want to be responsible for is abortion.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  38. “The purpose of work is to support the home and family. The purpose of work is not work. To make work more important than the home and family is to misunderstand the human race. The purpose of work is not to buy the best clothes, cosmetics, and toys.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  39. “The women’s movement can be summed up as women demanding to keep the societal rights of women from men while also claiming the societal rights of men for women and maintaining the accountability and responsibility of children.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  40. “The women’s movement exists to keep female societal rights from men, gain male societal rights, and maintain the accountability and responsibility of children (advantages of both sexes with the liabilities of neither).” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  41. “The women’s movement has demoted women from the status of the source of the human species to the status of slaves of corporate profit and murderers of the human species (abortiontionists).” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  42. “The women’s movement rightly objects to the objectification of women. However, the objectification of men in new ways only reinforces the problem, not solves it. The problem is thought-things, not who has the most or worst ones inflicted upon them.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice, Life Skills: 10 Mental Skills
  43. “Transgender people do not exist because no one can genetically transform from one sex into another.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  44. “Transgenderism is another way that the women’s movement works for the demotion and destruction of men in society.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  45. “Victimhood is when you are willing to destroy yourself for the right to destroy others.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  46. “We ignore emotional violence as part of the problem in domestic violence because we are afraid of making women adults and responsible for their part of the problem.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  47. “When a woman is pregnant, all relevant choices were already made: only consequences remain.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  48. “Women have always been the main conditioners of society because women have been the ones raising children and teaching at the schools while men were out slaving for money for the home.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  49. “Women say that men are still just little boys wanting to play with toys, but women are still just babies always whining and crying about something.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  50. “Women say they were afraid to speak against Harvey Weinstein because they would be punished—everyone agrees. Men say they were afraid to speak against military orders because they would be punished—no one agrees. Equal for rewards, not responsibilities.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  51. “Women understand in a predominantly narrative fashion, whereas men understand in a predominantly abstract fashion.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  52. “Women want equality as long as it is not equality of accountability, responsibility, and shared ownership of problems.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  53. “Women want equality with men without equal responsibility making women unequal to the task.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  54. “Women want the responsibility of a three-year-old and the privileges and rights of a thirty-year-old.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  55. World’s Best Female Fighter Gets Knocked Out by Amateur Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHS6tYAbAdw
  56. “Yes, the world will give more ego rewards to a woman who chooses career and corporation over children, but God does not value ego.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

Confusion About Gender

  • If you believe gender is a social construct and therefore made up, then gender is no more important than a Walt Disney movie.
  • If gender is determined by fantasy, then gender is fantasy.
  • If gender is determined by society, then gender has no viable meaning.
  • If gender is a construction, then there is no point in claiming it or talking about it.
  • Transexuals are the most gender-conscious and gender-insistent group.
  • What is the point of claiming you are of another gender if gender does not exist?
  • How Feminism ushered in wokeism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHjXW-aAmB8

3D: Daily Dose of Discernment: 2023

Feminism Is Social Sickness: 01-17-2023

  1. “Feminism is when you demonize male characteristics in men and deify those same male characteristics in women.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  2. “Trans is the ultimate expression of feminism because according to feminism, women must become more like men and men must become more like women.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  3. “Feminism is trans, and trans is feminism because both demand the impossible that women become men and men become women and destroy lives and societies in the process.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  4. “Everything men did was for the home and family, and feminism turned this around to being what men did was more important than the home and family; thereby, the foundation and meaning of society was perverted.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  5. “Women commit child sacrifice to remain slaves of Amazon, Apple, Volkswagen, CVS Health, United Health, ExxonMobil, Toyota, and others being brainwashed that career and corporation are more important than home and family.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

  • Read for the best breathing exercise in the world for your feelings and stress.


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  • Read for the best breathing exercise in the world for your feelings and stress.

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