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Mohammad brought only evil

Islam Quotations 37: P-W Authors in Meme Format

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Mohammad brought only evil

Muhammad is a murderer

Islam ruins development

Quran is a mess and unclear

Koran worthless book

Muhammad is a warmonger

Islam is banal trash

Islam practices intolerance

Quran is a literary disaster

Islam must be fought

Islam murders Christians

Islam invasion must be fought

Islam is about terrorism

Islam cannot bear examination

Islam is not spiritual

Quran is ignorant book

Islam is the worst religion

Islam brings darkness

Islam is absurdly intollerant

Islam is a vile culture

Islam preaches violence

Islam is a disease

Islam is a virus of evil

Islam preaches murder

Islam is Fascism

Islam is against morals and values

Islam known as evil by Churchill

Muslims are not loyal

Islam is insane religion

Crusades to stop Islamic violence

Muhammad is inexcusable terrorist

Muhammad must be stopped

Muhammad was a pedophile

Muhammad was a liar

Islam has no knowledge of God

Islam corrupts governments

Mohammad false and a deceiver