Free Memes of Islam Quotations: G-O Authors

Quran poorly written

Islam Quotations 38: G-O Authors in Meme Format

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Quran poorly written

Quran covers its own lies

Quran is accursed book

Muhammad is a fake

Islam is terrorism

Islam leads to terrorism

Islam is about conquest

Islam is about killing others

Islam is a death cult

Islam is intolerant of others

Islam preaches religious hatred

Islam murders those who leave

Islamophobia does not exist

Muhammad incited others to murder

Islam is protected by lies

Islam makes false claims

Muhammad taught immorality

Isalm practices slavery

Islam extremism is Islam

Islam is against free speech

Islam is like nazism

Muhammad based upon false claims

Islam is violent in family life

Islam is the enemy of freedom

Islam murders for cartoons

Islam brings war to the Jews

Islam is hate

Isam is beneath all other ideologies

Islam is a religion of violence

Islam is the enemy of civilization

Islam cannot be reformed

Islam maintains evils

Islam is trapped in the past

Quran is uninteresting rubbish

Muhammad was a pedophile

Islam destroying Africa

Islam destroys wherever it goes

Islam ruins all it touches