Free Memes of Islam Quotations: A-F Authors


Islam Quotations 45: A-F Authors in Meme Format

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  • This page collects memes or poster-pictures of quotations about Islam.
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Arabs never invented anything

Arabs stole and plagiarized

Arabs were and are parasites

Arabs were slavers

Arabs corrupt others with evil

Islam has multiple problems

Islam is intolerant of humor

Koran tiresome reading

Quran preaches stupidity and evil

Quran based on lies and deception

Islam causes fanaticism or apathy

Islam stops social development

Islam is barbaric

Islam is religious madness

Islam is anti-civilization

Islam is jihad

Islam jihad is war

Islam not hijacked

Islam deserves criticism

Islam is a great evil

Islam treated too nice

Hijab and burka repulsive

Islam is anti-science

Islam is deadly to mankind

Muhammad is a false prophet

Islam's genocide in India

Islam ruins childhood

Islam history lied about


Islam is destroying Europe

Islam causes loss of freedom

Islam hides behind fear

Islam corrupts governments

Islam is about murder

Islam causes barbarism

Islam is deceptive

Islam destroys culture

Islam is a horror

Islam in the way of good