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7 Steps to Take to Sanity

Memes & Minds: All Are Linked Here

  • Most of the collections of memes are from or about FitzMaurice’s work and writings. However, there are a few from other sources too.
  • Collections of memes by subject might also contain memes from collections by year.
  • You may copy, post, and print FitzMaurice’s memes if you make no changes to them, their contents, remove the copyright notice, or charge fees to share them. Enjoy!

Definition & Pronunciation of Meme

Pronounce Meme

  • Pronounce “meme” with a long “e” so that it sounds like the one syllable word “meem.”

Definition of Meme

  • A meme is a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition and replication from one person to another. A meme item usually consists of an image or picture and some words, is often comical, and typically is spread using the Internet.

Our Usage of Meme

  • Our memes are images and contain words. However, they are typically not humorous or sarcastic. Most of our memes are straightforward but some contain irony. We encourage you to copy and share all of our memes.

Memes by Topic: Help for You to Feel, Think, & Do Better in Life

  1. 3Rs (Recognize, Remove, Replace) Memes
  2. 5 Thinking Positions (5TP) Memes
  3. Book Information Memes
  4. Communication Memes
  5. Feelings & Coping Memes
  6. REBT & CBT Counseling Memes
  7. Self-Esteem & Ego Memes
  8. Thinking Skills Memes

Memes by FitzMaurice: Collected by Year Covering Various Subjects

  1. FitzMaurice’s Memes: 2019
  2. FitzMaurice’s Memes: 2018
  3. FitzMaurice’s Memes: 2017
  4. FitzMaurice’s Memes: 2016
  5. FitzMaurice’s Memes: 2015
  6. FitzMaurice’s Memes: 2014
  7. FitzMaurice’s Memes: 2013
  8. FitzMaurice’s Memes: 2012
  9. FitzMaurice’s Memes: 2011

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