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Quotations: Memes & Minds 2020

7 Steps to Sanity

FitzMaurice’s Thoughts & Ideas As Memes 2020

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.

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  • 17 more memes from 2019 can be found in the book Stiffer: Stoic Mind.

01. Meme 2020: There Is Only One God & One Self

02. Meme 2020: Basic Diagram of Feelings

Basic Diagram on the Nature of Feelings

03. Meme 2020: Mental Suffering Is Optional

Mental Suffering Is Optional

04. Meme 2020: People Cannot Talk or Think About You

People Cannot Talk About You

05. Meme 2020: Semantic Networks of Differentiation

Semantic Networks for Differentiation

06. Meme 2020: Communism, Socialism, & Commonsense

Communism & Commonsense

07. Meme 2020: 5 Thinking Categories on the Nature of Things

The 5 Thinking Categories on the nature of things.

08. Meme 2020: Basic Diagram of Feelings Version Two

The Second Basic Diagram of Feelings

09. Meme 2020: What you serve is what you get.

What you serve is what you get.

10. Meme 2020: The 8 Developmental Stages of Thinking.

The 8 Stages of the Development of Thinking

11. Meme 2020: Find Your Inner Space & Find Your Self.

Find Your Inner Space & Find Your Self

12. Meme 2020: Seven-Steps to Spiritual Surrender to the Light.

Seven Steps to Surrender to the Light

13. Meme 2020: Buddha Failed by Choosing Spiritual Ego.

Buddha Failed to Find God

14. Meme 2020: REBT’s ABCs of Emotions (A + B = C).

REBT's ABCs of Emotions

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