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Quotations: Memes on Feelings

Book cover for "Garden Your Mind"

Memes that Teach About the Nature of Feelings

“Our emotions are the result of our beliefs.” —Lie Yukou


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  • Any memes that are about self-esteem and ego should be collected onto this page over time.
  • These memes are organized alphabetically by the title of the meme. The numbering starts at the top.

1. Meme: 2 Healthy Options for Coping

2 Healthy Options for Coping

2. Meme: 3Rs for Switching to Healthier Feelings

3Rs Used to Replace Feelings

3. Meme: 5 Steps to Act Against Anger

Act Against Anger

4. Meme: 5 Steps to Total Failure

5 Steps to Failure

5. Meme: 5 Things You Can Control About Your Feelings

5 Ways to Control Feelings

6. Meme: 5 Questions to Test Your Emotional Responsibility 

5 Questions Test Responsibility

7. Meme: 6 Levels of Emotional Maturity

6 Levels of Emotional Responsibility

8. Meme: 7 Problematic GAADSAP Emotions

GAADSAP emotions

9. Meme: 7 Reasons Why You Are Emotionally Responsible

7 Reasons Why You Are Responsible

10. Meme: 8 Basic Emotional Skills

8 Basic Emotional Skills

11. Meme: 9 Common Superstitions About Feelings

9 superstitious feelings

12. Meme: 12 Reasons Why Emotional Responsibility Is Real

12 Reason Emotionally Responsible

13. Meme: 12 Steps to Keep Shit Going Forever

12 Steps Keep the Shit Going

14. Meme: 12 Steps to Stop Your Shit Addiction

12 Steps Stop Shit

15. Meme: 12 Ways to Detach from Your Feelings

12 Ways to Detach from Feelings

16. Meme: 12 Ways to Feed Feelings

12 Ways to Feed Feelings

17. Meme: Attachment to Desire Is the Problem, Not Desire

Attachment to desire is the problem

18. Meme: “Attitude Is All You Need!” Is a Book for Improving Your Attitudes

Rules for your attitude

19. Meme: Desire Higher by Making Lower Listen

Desire Higher

20. Meme: Desire, Homeostasis, Stress, & Energy

Desire Is an Energy Imbalance

21. Meme: Diagram of Emotional Responsibility in Action

emotional responsibility

22. Meme: Emotional Violence More Damaging than Physical Violence

Fear of Emotional Violence Controls

23. Meme 2018: Emotions Are Sensations of Sensations

Emotions Are Sensations of Sensations

24. Meme: Empathic Feeling to Narcissistic Feelings

Empathic to Narcissistic Using 5TP

25. Meme: “Garden Your Mind” Teaches You How to Improve Feelings

GARDEN Table of 12 Chapters

26. Meme: How to Easily Make Yourself Miserable

Easy ways to make yourself miserable

27. Meme: Make the Best of the Worst—Learn From It

make the best of the worst

28. Meme: Negative Energy Cannot Heal

Negative Energy Always Fails to Help

29. Meme: REBT’s ABCs of Emotions Or A + B = C

REBT's ABCs of Emotions

30. Meme: Self-Disturbed Is a Choice, Learn to Choose Better

We choose to self-disturb. Learn not to do this.

31. Meme: STPHFR Diagram

  • (See Meme just below for a list of STPHFR’s 6 steps.)

STPHFR Infographic Explanation

32. Meme: STPHFR Or The 6 Steps of Feeling & Behaving

  • (See Meme just above for a diagram of how STPHFR works.)

STPHFR 6 Steps for Feelings

33. Meme: You Are Safe Inside Your Own Mind

You Are Safe Inside Yourself

Memes to Help You Feel, Think, & Do Better in Life

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