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Quotations: Memes on Identity Semantics

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Memes that Teach About the Problems of Identity Semantics

“Self-esteem steals souls.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

“Identity is invariably false to facts.” —Alfred Korzybski


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Identity Semantics Collection

  • Semantics Definition Used: Semantics is the meaning assigned to or the interpretation of the meaning assigned to concepts, images, sings, symbols, thoughts, and words.
  • Identity Definition Used: To give an identity to something is to assign a meaning to it by assigning concepts, images, sings, symbols, thoughts, and words that contain a specific meaning.

“Whatever you say something is, is something else.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

1. Meme 2019: 3 Step to Ego Using 3 Claims

The 3 Steps to Forming Ego

2. Meme 2019: 5 Main Ego Problems to Be Aware of

5 Main Ego Problems to Work On

3. Meme 2019: There Are 5 Main Spiritual Failures

5 Main Spiritual Failures

4. Meme 2019: 6 Facts About Your Relationship with Self-Esteem

6 Facts About Your Relationship with Self-Esteem

5. Meme 2019: 6 Facts About Your Relationship to Semantics

How to destroy using names and labels.

6. Meme 2017: Can You Exist Without Attachment to Thought?

Can you exist without thought?

7. Meme 2016: Diagram of the Model of Self As a Host

mode of the self as a cup

8. Meme 2019: Ego Can Be a Subject or Object, Not the Authentic Self

Ego Can Be an Object or Subject, Not Self

9. Meme 2018: Ego Is Composed of Thought, But You Are Not

Ego Is Composed of Thought

10. Meme 2018: General Semantics Helps to Keep Thinking Sane

Make Sense Using General Semantics

11. Meme 2017: How to Find Your Original Nature

7 Steps to Find Your Self

12. Meme 2015: Learn to Keep Your Identity Out of Problems

keep identity for self

13. Meme 2018: Living Heart, Soul, & Mind

Living Heart, Soul, & Mind

14. Meme 2017: The 5 Levels of Ego

5 Levels of Ego from What's Your Story

15. Meme 2016: People Cannot Make You Eat their Garbage

people cannot control

16. Meme 2016: The Only Revolution Is Internal

only revolution

17. Meme 2017: Thinking Cannot Do Anything

Thinking Cannot but Energy Can

18. Meme 2019: Thinking Is Not It

Thinking Falsely Claims to Be What It Thinks About

19. Meme 2019: Thought As the Thing Is Thought As the Enemy

Thought-Things Are Your Enemy

20. Meme 2018: Thought Has Its Own Existence

Thought Has Its Own Reality

21. Meme 2018: What Are Not Useful as Evidence or Facts?

What are not evidence or facts?

22. Meme 2018: Words Are to Be Dropped, Not Carried As a Burden

23. Meme 2018: Words Do Not Contain Things or People

24. Meme 2017: You Are Not the Awareness of Or the Contents of Your Mind

You are not your contents

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