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Quotations: Memes on Self-Esteem

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Memes that Teach About the Problems of Self-Esteem & Ego

“Self-esteem steals souls.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice


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  • Any memes that are about self-esteem and ego should be collected onto this page over time; however, some might be missed.
  • These memes are organized alphabetically by the title of the meme. The numbering starts at the top.

Ego & Self-Esteem Collection

  • Definition of Ego Used: Ego is a person’s collection of identities about themselves as things and thoughts.
  • Definition of Self-Esteem Used: Self-esteem is the dehumanizing of the self into concepts and images that are positive and negative.

1. Meme: 3 Main Ego Problems Are Claiming, Trying, & Becoming

Three Main Ego Problems

2. Meme 2019: 3 Step to Ego Using 3 Claims

The 3 Steps to Forming Ego

3. Meme: 3 Tests Prove Self-Esteem Is Insane Thinking

3 Tests Prove Self-Esteem Is Insane

4. Meme: 3Rs for Reducing & Uprooting Your Ego

3Rs Switch from Ego

5. Meme: 5 Basic Moods of Ego

5TP & 5 Ego Moods

6. Meme 2019: 6 Facts About Your Relationship with Self-Esteem

6 Facts About Your Relationship with Self-Esteem

7. Meme: 32 Defense Mechanisms Including Freud’s 12

Kevin's 32 Defense Mechanisms

8. Meme: All False Paths Preach Ego

All False Paths Preach Ego, Not God

9. Meme: Being Human Is about Being a Reflector

Being Human & the Problem of Knowing

10. Meme: Can You Exist Without Attachment to Thought?

Can you exist without thought?

11. Meme: Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life

How to be honest

12. Meme: Diagram of How Ego Causes & Maintains Fights

ego causes fights

13. Meme: Diagram of the Model of the Self As a Container

container model of the self

14. Meme: Diagram of the Model of Self As a Host

mode of the self as a cup

15. Meme: Diagram of the Tripartite (3 Part) Nature of Ego

tripartite nature of ego

16. Meme: Ego Can Be a Subject or Object, Not the Authentic Self

Ego Can Be an Object or Subject, Not Self

17. Meme: Ego Is Composed of Thought, But You Are Not

Ego Is Composed of Thought

18. Meme: Forgiveness Helps in the Fight Against Ego

Forgive to Fight Ego

19. Meme: How to Find Your Original Nature

7 Steps to Find Your Self

20. Meme: Human Failing Is Not Seeing Self in Others

human failings universal

21. Meme: “Journal Journey from Ego” Shares an Ego Reduction System

Journal Journey from Ego Chapters

22. Meme: Learn to Keep Your Identity Out of Problems

keep identity for self

23. Meme: Living Heart, Soul, & Mind

Living Heart, Soul, & Mind

24. Meme: One Voice Steals Your Consciousness

One Voice Steals Your Consciousness

25. Meme: Recognize Ego As Your Inner Ghost

Ego Is the Ghose in Your Mind

26. Meme: Self Is Secure In All Cases

5TP Showing Self Is Immune to Anxiety

27. Meme 2019: Self-Esteem Falsely Claims We Are What We Host

Nothing Inside Me Is Me

28. Meme: Self-Esteem Steals Souls through Occupation

Self-esteem steals souls.

29. Meme: Self-Talk Are You Seriously Trying to Thwart Me?

self-talk is madness

30. Meme: Self-Talk Is Your Real Enemy

Self-Talk Is Your Only Real Enemy

31. Meme: Self-Talk Why Are You Always in My Way?

self-talk is in the way

32. Meme: Suffer Self-Talk To End It

Stand Self-Talk's Suffering

33. Meme: The 3 Big Ego Problems

Three Main Ego Problems

34. Meme: The 4 Ds of Ego & Self-Esteem

4 Ds of Ego & Self-Esteem

35. Meme: The 4 Main & Insane Scripts of Self-Esteem

4 Main Insane Self-Esteem Scripts

36. Meme: The 5 Basic Moods of Self-Esteem & Ego

5TP & 5 Ego Moods

37. Meme: The 5 Levels of Ego

5 Levels of Ego from What's Your Story

38. Meme: The 7 Step Plan to Reduce Ego from the Book EGO

7 Step Plan to Reduce Ego

39. Meme: The 10 Chapters in the Book EGO

EGO Table of 10 Chapters

40. Meme: The Only Revolution Is Internal

only revolution

41. Meme: The Way You Treat Others Is The Way You Treat Your Ego

treat others like self

42. Meme: Who Is that Talking in Your Head?

who is talking inside

43. Meme: You Are Not the Awareness of Or the Contents of Your Mind

You are not your contents

44. Meme: You Are What You Hate, Not What You Ate

you are what you hate

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