Fast-Facts on Thinking Skills

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Fast-Facts that Teach Thinking Skills

“Our emotions are the result of our beliefs.” —Lie Yukou

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3 Other Collections of Memes on Thinking Skills

  1. 3Rs (Recognize, Remove, Replace): Memes
  2. 5 Thinking Positions (5TP): Memes
  3. REBT & CBT Memes

01. Meme 2016: 2 Options for Unwanted Thoughts

unwanted thoughts leave

02. Meme 2017: 3Rs (Recognize, Remove, Replace) Applied to Thinking

3RS Used to Replace Thinking

03. Meme 2017: 4 Basic Thinking Errors of the Ukraine System

Ukraine System of 4 Thinking Errors

04. Meme 2017: 4 Main Insane Scripts of Self-Esteem

4 Main Insane Self-Esteem Scripts

05. Meme 2017: 4 Stages of the Evolution of Perspective

4 Stage Evolution of Perspective

06. Meme 2020: 5 Thinking Categories on the Nature of Things

The 5 Thinking Categories on the nature of things.

07. Meme 2017: 6 Basic Styles of Thinking

Table of the 6 Styles of Thinking

08. Meme 2017: 7 Lying Systems of Media

7 Lying Systems of Media

09. Meme 2017: 7 Thinking Errors from Cognitive Therapy (CT)

7 Thinking Errors of CT

10. Meme 2020: 8 Developmental Stages of Thinking.

The 8 Stages of the Development of Thinking

11. Meme 2017: 8 Thinking Skills for Uprooting Thoughts

8 Thinking Skills for Detaching

12. Meme 2017: 9 Basic Thinking Errors

9 Basic Thinking Errors

13. Meme 2019: 10 Positive Facts About Thoughts

10 Positive Facts About Thoughts

14. Meme 2017: 10 REBT Must Scripts for Ruining Your Life

10 REBT Must Scripts for LIfe

15. Meme 2017: 11 Irrational Beliefs According to REBT

11 Irrational Beliefs of REBT

16. Meme 2018: Anxiety & Thought-Things Work Together

Anxiety & Thought-Things Work Together

17. Meme 2017: Control What You Feed, Not What You Cannot Control

Control What You Feed to Control It

18. Meme 2018: Dualities Do Not Exist, Only Trialities Exist

Dualities Do Not Exist

19. Meme 2017: “Garden Your Mind” Provides a System for Improving Thinking

GARDEN Table of 12 Chapters

20. Meme 2018: General Semantics Helps to Keep Thinking Sane

Make Sense Using General Semantics

21. Meme 2018: Knowing Is Self-Defeating Because It’s Unreliable

Claiming to Know Is Self-Defeating

22. Meme 2017: “Not” Is an Important Work About a Major Thinking Problem

22 Chapters for the book NOT

23. Meme 2017: Quotations Can Indicate a Precedence in Thinking

Quotations As Arguments

24. Meme 2016: The Only Revolution Is to Overthrow Your Own Mind

only revolution

25. Meme 2017: Thinking Cannot Do Anything

Thinking Cannot but Energy Can

26. Meme 2018: Thinking Has Its Right Place

Thinking Has Its Right Place & Function

27. Meme 2019: Thinking Is Not It

Thinking Falsely Claims to Be What It Thinks About

28. Meme 2018: Thinking Needs to Flow to Be Useful

Refuse Thinking that Is Too Hard

29. Meme 2019: Thought As the Thing Is Thought As the Enemy

Thought-Things Are Your Enemy

30. Meme 2018: Thought Has Its Own Existence

Thought Has Its Own Reality

31. Meme 2016: Triality Is Reality

diagram of triality

32. Meme 2017: “We’re All Insane” Is a Book About Thinking Sanely

We're All Insane List of Chapters

33. Meme 2018: What Are Not Useful as Evidence or Facts?

What are not evidence or facts?

34. Meme 2018: Methods to Keep Thinking from Ruining Tasks

Distract Mind to Stop it from Ruining Tasks

Fast-Facts by Topic: Help for You to Feel, Think, & Do Better in Life

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  1. 3Rs (Recognize, Remove, Replace) Fast-Facts
  2. 5 Thinking Positions (5TP) Fast-Facts
  3. Communication Fast-Facts
  4. Ego & Self-Esteem Fast-Facts
  5. Feelings & Coping Fast-Facts
  6. Identity-Semantic Fast-Facts
  7. REBT & CBT Counseling Fast-Facts
  8. Self-Esteem & Ego Fast-Facts
  9. Thinking Skills Fast-Facts

Fast-Facts by Book: Online Tables (Memes) from Select Books

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  1. Book Fast-Facts from Many Books
  2. Secret of Matuirty, Fourth Edition: Fast-Facts
  3. Stiffer: Stoic Mind: Fast-Facts
  4. Stress for Success, Second Edition: Fast-Facts