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FitzMaurice’s Memes & Fast-Facts in 2016

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.

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7 Step Plan to Reduce Ego

30. MEME 2016: How to Be Alive

alive is open

29. MEME 2016: 5 Types of Conditioning Factors

5 Types of Conditioning Factors

28. MEME 2016: Success & Failure

Success & Failure from Ego

27. MEME 2016: Developmental Stages

spiritual stages third set

26. MEME 2016: More Developmental Stages

second set of 5 spiritual stages

25. MEME 2016: Even More Developmental Stages

First 5 of the spiritual stages

24. MEME 2016: Self-Esteem Seeks Superiority

ego's know better payoff

23. MEME 2016: Plan for the Worst

expect the worst

22. MEME 2016: Don’t Own Garbage

people cannot control

21. MEME 2016: What Prevents Happiness?

prevent happiness

20. MEME 2016: 7 Troubling Emotions

GAADSAP emotions

19. MEME 2016: Motivation Cycle

motivation cycle in 6 steps

18. MEME 2016: Common Sense

common sense

17. MEME 2016: Who Is Responsible?

who is responsible for sex

16. MEME 2016: The Only Revolution

only revolution

15. MEME 2016: Who Is Talking in Your Head?

who is talking inside

14. MEME 2016: Choose to be Alive

alive is open

13. MEME 2016: What Is Honor?

how do you get honor

12. MEME 2016: Unwanted Thoughts

unwanted thoughts leave

11. MEME 2016: All Religions Were Not Created Equal

all forms of governments

10. MEME 2016: Choose Not to Eat Garbage

people cannot control

09. MEME 2016: Ego Is Lying

ego is a lie

08. MEME 2016: 9 Common Superstitions about Feelings

9 superstitious feelings

07. MEME 2016: Attention Is Always ON

pay attention now

06. MEME 2016: Switch to Higher Desire

switch to higher desire

05. MEME 2016: Desire Higher

Desire Higher

04. MEME 2016: Let them Live in Your Past

let them have your past

03. MEME 2016: Hold the Negative to the Fire

bring negative before light

02. MEME 2016: What Is Meditation?

Meditation is bearing tension

01. MEME 2016: Peace Is Found in Every Thought

Peace in every thought

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