#Pleasure #Levels: 2018-06-27

• The lowest pleasure is ego pleasure, which is pleasure in knowing. (The pleasure is the same though the knowing can be positive or negative: high self-esteem or low self-esteem, pride or shame, good or evil, superior or inferior.)
• The next level is pleasure in bodily sensations such as physically enjoying a hot bath or a massage.
• Above that is pleasure in the external world such as enjoying an expansive mountain view or a beautiful sunset.
• Higher still is pleasure in being used, in serving as a host or vessel for creating, managing, organizing, performing, producing, or reasoning.

• The highest pleasure is pleasure in God, in Spirit. It is impossible to give examples because examples cannot be, contain, or even point to the experience. (Pleasure in Spirit has nothing to do with pleasure in idols, which is a form of ego pleasure. Idols are anything that claims to lead to, point to, represent, signify, or symbolize God in any way.)