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Garden (Garden Your Mind)


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Read Garden Your Mind to Discover–

    • How To Feel Better and Get Better
    • How To Brighten Your Mind and Heart with CBT
    • How To Practice CBT Self-Help
    • How To Practice Guided Self-Help with CBT
    • How To Improve Your Mood and Responses

Garden for a Healthy Mind in Garden Your Mind

  • A garden is where you grow food and herbs to nourish and heal and flowers to please and inspire.
  • A garden is where you protect and care for plants that provide you with multiple benefits in return.
  • A garden is where you continually uproot the weeds that are interfering with the health and growth of your plants, herbs, and flowers.
  • Gardening is caring for plants, so they might be healthy enough to produce value–flowers, vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Plant for a Healthy Mind in Garden Your Mind

  • Your mind is the soil in which sensations, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes take root.
  • Whatever takes root in your conscious or unconscious mind produces fruit or results.
  • Your conscious mind is the part of your garden you admit having.
  • Your unconscious mind is the part of your garden that you hide in darkness because you do not want the weeds you grow there to be found and shame you.

Pull Weeds for a Healthy Mind in Garden Your Mind

  • Be warned; you will get your hands dirty when you garden.
  • You will see unpleasant weeds in your garden. You will get scratched and cut, pulling out your weeds.
  • Suffering is unavoidable. Choose to suffer well.
  • Understand that you will suffer from your weeds or suffer from pulling out your weeds.
  • The suffering from your weeds is suffering badly, as it leads to a sicker garden.
  • The suffering from pulling out your weeds is suffering well, as it leads to a healthier garden.

Practice Gardening for a Healthy Mind in Garden Your Mind

  • You now have a clear and practical way to improve your life: the garden your mind analogy.
  • By gardening your mind, you will improve your thoughts.
  • By improving your thoughts, you will improve your feelings.
  • By improving your feelings, you will improve your behaviors.
  • And since your thoughts, feelings, and actions are an interconnected system, anytime you improve one, you help improve the rest.
  • Synergistically, your mental, emotional, and behavioral health will enhance each other, all of which will enhance your relationships, peacefulness, focus, and life.
  • Enjoy!

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