#Race #Person: 2018-07-20

•1 No person is a race, and no race is a person.
•2 Race does not exist except as a set of bodily characteristics a group of humans is likely to have as part of their physical makeup, not as a part of the makeup of their self.
•3 Yes, we can discuss human habits, personalities, qualities, styles, and traits, but when we do, we are never talking about a human being but only about the actions of human beings.
•4 A group of believers like Muslims is not a person nor a group of persons, because persons are never beliefs or ideologies; therefore, to be against Muslims is only to be against Islam, not any human beings.

•5 Categories by definition exist for discernment and are useful for talking about beliefs, ideologies, and things, but categories are not useful for talking about human individuals who can never be reduced to things and thoughts.