#Taste #Adaptable: 2018-08-06

•1 Taste is adaptable and knowing the dynamics of taste can help you to adapt faster, for example, to learn to eat healthy foods instead of processed to death chemical-based foods.
•2 An onion has many sensations and those who love to eat onions focus on some of it sensations while ignoring others and those who hate to eat onions focus on and ignore a different set of sensations.
•3 In addition to focusing on some sensations and ignoring others, taste also has an interpretative component such that some sensations are interpreted positively, negatively, or neutrally.
•4 When people say, “It is an acquired taste,” they mean that you train yourself to focus on and appreciate some sensations and to discount or ignore other sensations.

•5 So educate your palate to an adult taste for black, brown, purple, or red rice instead of white rice, and you will wind up preferring brown rice even if you used to love only white rice (instant sugar).