#Teach #Mind: 2018-08-13

•1 Listen to a stream to teach your mind that it is not controlling or creating the sound, because the sound is too intricate and variable to predict.
•2 Watch clouds float by to teach your mind that it is not doing, forming, or knowing the clouds, because it doesn’t know what they will be or do next.
•3 Watch waves crash on a beach to teach your mind that its trying to cause, change, or control how waves crash is a fool’s errand as is any form or type of trying.
•4 Stand on a mountain and look at a forest and try to predict the pattern of the hills, shadows, and trees to teach your mind that it does, is, and knows nothing and is most useful when silent.

•5 Sit in the woods and listen to the sounds of the birds and insects and try to predict which will sound next and in what order to teach your mind to be quiet so that you might just enjoy life free of the mind’s games of claiming to know, do, and be whatever it is not.