Nobody Speaks-2

Read Nobody Speaks-2 to Discover— Why nobody had more to say. What nobody thinks about somebodies. What You Cannot Be You cannot be anyone because you are not any definitions, so don’t be someone or somebody. You cannot be something because you are not a thing, so don’t be anything. You cannot be something because… Continue reading Nobody Speaks-2

Mind-Moving (M-M)

What Is the Underlying Principle of Healing? For centuries, people have been seeking to understand the underlying method by which practices from around the world help people. This book will teach you the answer. You will learn the single unifying principle behind nearly every healing practice in the world. Benefits of Mind-Moving 1. Mind-moving will… Continue reading Mind-Moving (M-M)

Nobody Speaks

To be somebody or nobody, that is the question. Nobody could wait no longer to speak back to somebodies.

Spiritual Surrender’s Seven Steps

The seven-step system provides an accurate and reliable map of how surrender to God takes place.You can use the map of the seven steps to know if you have surrendered to God or not.


This book is designed to stiffen your mind to injuries and insults to the point that you can learn to be psychologically free from them. The wisdom of the Stoics can be understood as, in practice, acquiring a stiff mind, mental attitude, or outlook.

Feeling-Intention Therapy

This book presents the most comprehensive model available for understanding human feelings, intentions, thoughts, and responses. Feeling-Intention Therapy (FIT) will teach you the twelve main factors controlling, influencing, and motivating human behavior.

Ego Playground

Read Ego Playground to Discover— Ego Games We All Play Ego Endless Loops Ego Knots and Traps Ego Insanity in Relationships Mind Traps & Quicksand: Ego Playground Ego Playground is a collection of numerous mind traps that this author has discovered or helped others to overcome during his many years as a mental health counselor. This collection of inner… Continue reading Ego Playground

What’s Your Story?

Read What’s Your Story? to Discover— How To Recognize Ego-Story How To Remove Ego-Story How To Replace Ego-Story How To use the 3Rs for Freedom from Ego How Story Shapes Ego: What’s Your Story? This book is about how story shapes, defines, and guides your self. This book is about understanding the power and control story has over… Continue reading What’s Your Story?

Self: Who Am I?

Read Self: Who Am I? to Discover— How To Regain and Maintain Your Real Self How To Recognize the Form and Nature of Self How To Recognize the Structure of Self How To Recognize the Friends and Enemies of Self Self Is Being, Not Thinking: Self: Who Am I? This book is about the form, nature, and structure… Continue reading Self: Who Am I?