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3D: Daily Dose of Discernment: 2011


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DESCRIPTION: From Inside the Book

“This book consists of the daily quotations that this author posted to his website during 2011. It continues a series that was started in 2003 and has been continuing ever since, with the current collection being compiled in 2019.

The quotations are typically a group of five (or sometimes six) consecutive statements on or about the same theme or topic. This repetition is considered conducive to learning and finding different insights and perspectives on the same issue, theme, or topic.

The themes and topics include: professional mental-health counseling, self-help, General Semantics, Eastern psychology, philosophy, and other topics often in no particular order. Various issues of interest to the author are also addressed, such as: coping, ego, identity, performance, psychological, scientific, skill, social, spiritual, talent, and various other issues related to human sensing, feeling, thinking, and behaving.

The focus varies from year to year, month to month, and day to day. Occasionally, the author “gets on a kick” and sticks with a topic or issue for one or more days in a row. A specific focus might be on the nature of wisdom or how roles and professions get caught in ego games.

While editing this group of (365) quotations for publication, it was noticed that there were many quotations regarding self-talk. “Self-talk” is the inner dialogue or conversations that one has with themselves. Since most of adults’ psychology concerns self-talk, this is a healthy and potentially productive focus.”

Table of Contents

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