#Respond #Act: 2018-11-20

•1 Psychological actions are actions that impact what they respond to such that effects can be noted on what was responded to; however, for humans, this would require magical abilities that humans do not possess.
•2 To act is to respond but if the only action a transceiver can perform is to receive or to resend something, then the only action a transceiver can rightfully claim is receiving or sending.
•3 Examine human psychological actions, and you will find humans mainly host claims to know, do, or be something—all of which are not actions but only claims or statements.
•4 Test and examine for yourself if you have any internal actions that are more than amplifying, hosting, or repeating some emotions or thoughts—remember actions have impact and results that are more than mirroring or restating.

•5 Humans have no psychological actions other than choosing to host something or not to host it—test this by trying to find something accomplished when humans claim they are psychically doing something to or for something.