#Aware #Sensor: 2018-10-14

•1 Awareness of the sensor (I) gets in the way of sensing and direct experience because awareness of the sensor requires thinking and thinking has no sensing ability.
•2 Awareness of the sensor (I) is practical and useful for making feeling, thinking, and behaving adjustments and corrections, but not for direct experiencing or being self.
•3 Oneness falsely claims no sensor (I) for what is sensed as if the object sensed, say an apple, sensed the sensor (the person or the functioning of their self as a sensor).
•4 The sensor (I) is not the self but a function of the self, because the self is a reflector and a reflector must first sense in order to reflect sensations from sensing.

•5 Claiming abilities for the label for the sensor (I) cannot confer those abilities on that label (ego, self-esteem) no matter how often done or how many do it.