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Mind-Moving (M-M)

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What Is the Underlying Principle of Healing?

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  • Learn to practice the best breathing exercise in the world.
  • For centuries, people have been seeking to understand the underlying method by which practices from around the world help people.
  • This book will teach you the answer.
  • You will learn the single unifying principle behind nearly every healing practice in the world.

Benefits of Mind-Moving

  • 1. Mind-moving will improve the strength of your attention and focus.
  • 2. Mind-moving will allow you to be the master of your feelings rather than their slave.
  • 3. Mind-moving will allow you to be the master of your mind instead of its slave.
  • 4. Mind-moving will allow you to be the master of your time.
  • 5. Mind-moving is the way that you detach your mind to stay calm.
  • 6. Mind-moving is the way to avoid focusing on what will lead to more problems.
  • 7. Mind-moving leads to a calm mind, which leads to better decision-making and responses.
  • 8. Mind-moving often instantly improves other exercises and practices when it is added to them.

Claim Your Personal Power

  • Wake up to your personal power and practice mind-moving (M-M) every day all day long.
  • M-M is the Rosetta Stone that deciphers how healing practices and mental-strengthening practices work.

Features of Mind-Moving

  • 1. Mind-moving is a fast, simple, and effective practice for a calm mind.
  • 2. Mind-moving can be done without anyone knowing or observing.
  • 3. Mind-moving can be done anywhere without any preparations or requirements.
  • 4. Mind-moving is effective and efficient for help switching to better habits.
  • 5. Mind-moving is effective and efficient for disengaging from games and manipulations.
  • 6. Mind-moving is effective and efficient for releasing negative stress.
  • 7. Mind-moving is effective and efficient for helping you with pain management.
  • 8. Mind-moving is effective and efficient for helping you to sleep at bedtime.

Move Your Mind

  • This book is about moving your mind and how moving your mind helps you in many different ways—yes, moving your mind.
  • You already do it (move your mind).
  • Learn how and when you already move your mind.
  • You need to become aware of doing it so that you can do it more productively and proactively.

What You Can Do with Mind-Moving

  • 1. Take charge of your life with mind-moving (M-M).
  • 2. Overcome your addictions with mind-moving (M-M).
  • 3. Overcome your depression or worry with mind-moving (M-M).
  • 4. Discover right meditation with mind-moving (M-M).
  • 5. Discover right yoga with mind-moving (M-M).
  • 6. Discover how to be centered with mind-moving (M-M).
  • 7. Discover how to live with integrity with mind-moving (M-M).
  • 8. Discover your personal power with mind-moving (M-M).
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  3. Hardback ISBN: 979-8-506098-51-5
Mind-Moving (M-M): Healing’s Unifying Principle
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