Acid Test

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Read Acid Test to Discover—

  • How To Improve Your Creativity
  • How To Improve Your Flexibility
  • How To Improve Your Openness
  • How To Improve Your Mental Perception

Counseling Posters: Acid Test

  • This book is a compilation of posters from the author’s counseling practice.
  • Some posters were designed to hang in the office, some in the waiting room, and some for clients to take home.
  • Additional sayings have been added, and many of the posters have been rewritten and modified.

Chapter Contents for 1–3: Acid Test

  • The first chapter consists of sayings related to both right and wrong thinking patterns.
  • You are helped to discover how thinking can easily lead to misperception.
  • You are encouraged not to make thinking the screen between you and life.
  • Thought can be either a wall or a door depending on how you use it.
  • Chapter Two contains sayings that help to make real the difference between being a container versus being the contents of a container.
  • You are helped to rediscover your child nature as a container, in favor of your adult nature as contents.
  • Understanding the nature of self makes it easier to choose to live in authentic moments.
  • The third chapter gathers sayings that help point to what is and what is not genuine self.
  • You are helped to discover and live in self instead of in ego.

Chapter Contents for 4–8: Acid Test

  • Chapter Four is mainly concerned with how and why you are responsible for your feelings.
  • You are helped to become more mature by owning and accepting responsibility for your feelings.
  • Owning your feelings is necessary for awareness and honesty.
  • Being responsible for your feeling is necessary for leading an empowered life.
  • The fifth chapter collects sayings that did not easily fit into one of the first four chapters.
  • Most of those sayings continue ideas presented in the previous chapters.
  • You will discover as much meaning as your ego defenses will allow.
  • Chapters 1–5 contain 365 sayings making them suitable for daily reflection or a calendar.
  • Chapter Six consists of longer posters that could and should not be reduced to sayings.
  • The seventh chapter consists of poems related to the ideas of the book.
  • Chapter Eight is the final chapter, which includes end matter, such as a recommended reading list.

Benefit from Aphorisms: Acid Test

  • Pithy sayings can be either instantly helpful or meaningless.
  • Often the best results from sayings or aphorisms come after they have grown slowly in the garden of your mind.
  • Ideas you may reject at first can come to have more meaning in time.
  • Aphorisms that make no sense today can suddenly reveal themselves to you years later.
  • Some sayings can follow and teach you for a lifetime. For example, “Drink from your own well” has taught the author again and again for many years.
  • Making yourself contemplate a saying that you do not understand can reveal much about your thinking styles.
  • Is it the saying or your lack of openness that is cold?
  • Feeling your way to the inside meat of a saying is the best approach.

Sayings Bring Stillness: Acid Test

  • Focus on the sayings that bring stillness.
  • Listen beyond the words.
  • Feel, rather than think, the sayings through.
  • Sense, rather than think, the music behind the words.
  • Manage to touch the energy behind the words, and your heart will be touched.
  • If you are interested in quotations, then please visit the author’s website.
  • There you will find lists of quotations organized by topic.
  • If you find quotations intriguing, but not fulfilling, then please examine some of the author’s other works listed at the end of the book.
  • Read and enjoy!


Chapter 0


  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Description

Chapter 1: Sayings 1–87

  • Think Right or Think Wrong

Chapter 2: Sayings 88–142

  • Container vs. Contents

Chapter 3: Sayings 143–238

  • To Be or Not to Be

Chapter 4: Sayings 239–280

  • Feelings and Emotions

Chapter 5: Sayings 281–365

  • Miscellaneous Sayings

Chapter 6

Expanded Posters

  • 3 Types of Guilt
  • 4 Primary Irrational Beliefs
  • 4 Should Problems
  • 5 Ways I Try to Escape and Avoid Self-Damning
  • 6 Personality Types
  • 12 Steps of Emotional Disturbance
  • 12 Steps of Ending Ego Pain
  • Boss or Leader?
  • Container Not Contents
  • FIDOC and Attention
  • Help for Me to Stop Rating Myself
  • Meditation and Memory
  • Practice Right Thinking
  • Self-Talk Matrix
  • Seven Steps of Spiritual Surrender
  • The 3Rs of Therapy
  • The Delusion Triad
  • The Care Continuum
  • Whatever You Hear Is Never What Was Said

Chapter 7


  • Be Me
  • Be Nothing
  • Be The Bottle
  • Be Your Self
  • Can’t
  • Conflict Motivation
  • Container
  • Container Self
  • Detachment
  • Easily Difficult
  • Empty Self
  • Emptying Self
  • Experiencer
  • Identify
  • Identify
  • Identifying
  • In Touch
  • Just Me
  • Know, Do, Be Self
  • Meaning’s Path
  • Meditate
  • Meditation
  • Messenger
  • Mirroring
  • Poverty
  • Reflections
  • Secret Agent
  • Seeing by Not Seeing
  • The Container
  • Thought
  • Thoughts
  • Transceiver
  • Wanderer
  • Words

Chapter 8


  • Recommended Readings
  • Book Advertisements
    • How to End Ego
    • How to Stop Failing
    • How to Clean Your Mind
    • How to Achieve Coherence

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

  • Ebook ISBN: 978-1-878693-21-1
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